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Best LED Light Bulbs 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Philips2. AmazonBasics3. Sylvania
Philips LED A19 best light bulbsAmazonBasics 100-WattSylvania 60 W

The world has been using incandescent light bulbs since forever. But as we are growing in the field of technology and innovation, we are realizing that we can do better. We can do better when it comes to energy consumption as well as light output. And that very thought is the inspiration behind the release of LED light bulbs for ceilings.

Nowadays, we are fairly aware of the various benefits of LEDs. And more and more people are willing to switch to these more efficient energy options but don?t know where to start.

Here is the problem that most people are facing. When buying traditional bulbs, all you had to look at was its wattage. With LED bulbs, there are new terms like Lumens, and color temperature, which can be pretty confusing at the beginning. They are also available in different colors and making a choice becomes very daunting.


So, how do you know which are the best LED light bulbs to go for? We are here to sort this one out for you. In this guide, we have compiled a good amount of necessary information about LED light bulbs. Along with that, we have also reviewed the top 15 LED bulbs available in the market to ease the process for you. Let?s check it out!

Factors To Consider Before Buying An LED Light Bulb

1. Fitting

There is a host of fitting types that modern electric light bulbs come with. Two of the main light bulb fittings are the Edison screw and the bayonet. The Edison screw is used mainly in America and Europe, whilst the bayonet is used in the UK for domestic lighting. You can usually get the fitting type number on the box of the bulb which helps you to identify the fitting type. The bayonet type has an advantage that it does not shake loose when subjected to vibrations.

2. Color

The light from different bulbs can seem different; some have warm light, while others have a much colder, whiter light. The color of the light from a light bulb, LED or otherwise is measured as the “light temperature” on a scale called the Kelvin scale. It is known as the color temperature of the light.

For LED light bulbs the color temperature of the light is normally printed on the box. Typically, a warm white of around 2700k is good to aim for many domestic rooms, although it can be a matter of personal choice. The warm colors are often used to create a relaxing ambiance, whereas a kitchen or home office may want a light that is whiter and possibly with higher color temperature.

3. Color Rendering Index

CRI or color rendering index is a measure of the light quality to accurately represent the different colors of articles that are illuminated by it. Light sources with a CRI of 85 to 90 are the best ones. Traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs have a very good CRI score, which is typically in the high 90s. LED lights and CFLs are not quite as good, having a CRI value in the mid-80s which is deemed to be just acceptable.

4. Dimmable

For LED lights, some are dimmable and some are not, so you need to check this feature before purchasing an LED bulb. As LED bulbs operate in a very different way than other bulbs, the circuitry within them has to be designed slightly differently if they are to become dimmable.

5. Light Output

Going for a reliable manufacturer will save you from a lot of frustration. Low quality LED light bulbs tend to lose their light output as time goes by. If you buy a cheap bulb from an unreliable source, it is prone to become unusable soon. However, high-quality bulbs have the capability to retain their light output for long.

Top 15 Best LED Light Bulbs 2020

1. Philips LED A19

Philips LED A19 best led light bulbs

Philips is known to be one of the best led light bulb brands and this 16-Pack LED justifies that. The Philips non-dimmable lamp bulb is especially designed for everyday use. This product is eco-friendly and consumes 80% less power than your usual lights. It?s durable hence cutting down the cost of frequent bulb replacement. There is no possibility of these bulbs flickering or glaring due to their excellent quality.

These Philips bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than the normal incandescent and halogen bulbs. That means, in less than 30 dollars, you are giving yourself the gift of great lighting in your house as well as your office. The color rendering index of this product is very high, which ensures warm and soothing lighting. They are designed to fit E26 medium screw bases, so you might want to check for that.


2. AmazonBasics 100-Watt Equivalent

AmazonBasics 100-Watt

Here is AmazonBasics? pack of 6 light bulbs that can replace a 100W halogen or incandescent light. This package is offered at a range of 25 dollars and is made to last you for around 13 years. Every bulb in this pack offers 1400 Lumens of light, which is very impressive given the low cost. These lights turn on instantly without wasting any time to warm up.
This product is known to utilize only 14W of energy, so you know you are going to save some good money using them. The color temperature of these bulbs is 5000 Kelvin, making it the best led light bulbs for home. They simulate daylight and give you a sense of freshness wherever you put them. So if you want to see a noticeable drop in your annual energy bill, this is the product to invest in.


3. Sylvania 60 W Light Bulb

Sylvania 60 W

Planning to replace your 60-watt incandescent lamps with something better? Well, Sylvania has just the right set of LED bulbs for you. At 8.5 watts, each bulb of Sylvania emits bright light, which gives you an output of almost 800 lumens. Each bulb provides a lifespan of about 11,000 hours. And you get this 24-bulb pack for less than 25 dollars, which is a steal deal.

Having a color temperature of about 2700 kelvin, these bulbs produce a softer white color, which is quite soothing to the eyes. Costing less than a dollar, these bulbs can be used in your living room, dining room or your nightstand. Looking for a long-lasting, energy-saving bulb for you? Sylvania light bulb is the bulb to look for. One thing to note is that this product is not dimmable, so make sure you look into that.


4. Techin Smart Light Bulb

Techin Smart Light Bulb

Ever heard of a deal that offers 4 supremely smart LED lights in less than 50 dollars? Techin has one for you. These bulbs have a plethora of features but are extremely easy to set up and usage. This bulb can also be used with Alexa and google home. Even if you are not at home you can turn these bulbs on/off via your smartphone. Apart from changing colors the Techin bulbs also produce 16 million shades of white to change the look of your room instantly.

The Techin bulbs have a lifespan of about 30,000 hours or 27.39 years approx. with the normal use of 3 hours a day. At about 7.5 watts each bulb of Techin will provide you an output of about 800 lumens. So, for those of you who want to try something different and fancy in their homes can certainly consider these.




Here is an LED bulb deal for you that you wouldn?t be able to ignore. TCP offers 6 LED light bulbs in less than 15 dollars. Each bulb in this package is of 9W and has the ability to replace its 60W incandescent equivalent. The color temperature of this product is 2700 Kelvin which is the soft white. So it infiltrates the area with warmth and relaxing vibes. This makes it great for being used in bedrooms, ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, kitchens, etc.

The extremely low energy usage of these lights saves around 85% of your electricity spending. Don?t worry about the waiting time anymore because this one lights up as soon as you turn the switch on. And the brightness is amazing too with the 800 Lumens that they provide. As for the fitting, this product is a standard A19 shaped LED that comes with a medium E26 base screw. So they will be easy to install in most fixtures. TCP has been in the business of LED bulbs for over 20 years. So, there?s absolutely no reason to not trust them with the quality of their products.


6. Tenergy LED Light Bulb

Tenergy LED Light Bulb

Tenergy has rolled out this pack of 16 LED light bulbs that have an E26 base. This pack is available for less than 25 dollars. And each bulb in it makes for a perfect replacement for your incandescent lights. The product is free of mercury and other toxic materials, hence very safe to use. The lights are of superior quality as they don?t flicker or fatigue your eyes with harsh glares. So they can be used in office spaces or at home for creating a stress-free atmosphere.

Other than that, these LED bulbs provide 750 Lumens of light and light up instantly. They consume around 9-Watts of power, so their energy efficiency is quite high. They are compliant with the strict safety standards of the Underwriters Laboratories. The durability is awesome and to add to that, Tenergy provides a special 3-year warranty on this product.


7. Great Eagle A19 LED 9W

Great Eagle 9W

Are you looking for a pack of 4 LED light bulbs that don?t cost you more than 10 bucks? You?ve got it! Great Eagle has this pack of high-quality four A19 LED bulbs in their inventory available for the purchase. Each bulb in this pack uses 9W of energy and is capable of replacing its 60W incandescent equivalent. These figures are very impressive and are sure to save you a lot on your yearly power bill. The color rendering index of this product is 83+, so you will be showered with sharp realistic colors.

The color temperature of these lights is 4000 Kelvin which is the cool white one. This makes them ideal for spaces where you would need an energetic ambiance. This product is capable of operating in an environment as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can use it on the front porch or the backyard without worrying about anything. You receive a 3-year warranty on this pack of bulbs. Note that these bulbs are for general use in floor lamps, retrofit, vanity, etc. and are non-dimmable.


8. Philips LED Non-Dimmable

Philips LED

Phillips never stops to impress us with its LEDs and related products. Here is one such impressive product by it, an 8-Pack LED light bulb for less than 30 dollars. Some might find it a little on the higher side of the price spectrum. But you are paying for the trust you have in Phillips and that is definitely worth it. These A19 frosted lights have a color temperature of 5000K, so they deliver warm lighting to illuminate larger spaces. Not only that but they also save you a ton on the power bill by using 80% less energy than their 100W incandescent counterparts.

You can forget about bulb replacement after buying this pack since it?s going to last you for years and years. They are compatible with the popular E26 screw fixtures. These are non-dimmable, so you won?t have the liberty to control the intensity of light. They have been strictly tested on criteria like strobe, flicker, color retention, and glare. So when the product reaches you, it doesn?t cause any type of eye discomfort at all.


9. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack BR40

Sunco Lighting

Sunco Lighting offers 10 LED light bulbs in a budget range of around 50 dollars. And this makes it the most expensive product on this list. But the features of the bulb are worth their cost. This BR40 by Sunco gives off sunlight-like color quality for perfect color rendering. It is also dimmable at a range of 10% to 100%, which is very impressive. Using these lights allows you to decrease your energy consumption by up to 85% instantly. Since they are highly durable, you will be saved from the frequently relamping costs that are associated with traditional bulbs.

These lights do not emit any buzzing noise or create eye discomfort due to flickering. Sunco?s each LED product gets tested for the appropriate level of safety and performance. To top all this, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on this product. They also have knowledgeable support specialists available to help you if you face any issues with the product.


10. Great Eagle 15-W 100W Equivalent

Great Eagle 15-W 100W

Here is another one by our most trusted brand in LEDs, the Great Eagle. Here you are getting six LED light bulbs without spending more than 20 dollars. These 15W bulbs are designed to fit in all kinds of fixtures including floor lamps, chandelier fixtures, etc. That?s why they are a popular choice for the dining area, living room as well as office spaces. They will replace your traditional 100W bulb and save you 87% in power use when they are at it.

You can achieve full brightness with this product as soon as the switch is turned on. The color temperature they offer is 5000 Kelvin which accommodates many daylight moods. The brightness of these bulbs is impeccable with 1600 Lumens of light that they emit. You can be sure that there are no additional yellows or blues in it since it gives clear white light. The manufacturers state that LED bulbs tend to radiate heat at their base, which is absolutely normal.


11. Great Eagle R30 or BR30

Great Eagle R30 or BR30

Have you been looking for the best deal on a pack of 6 best led lights? If yes, then here is a deal by Great Eagle that you wouldn?t want to miss. In less than 20 dollars, you get LED light bulbs that can decrease your energy usage by 88%. These 11W bulbs have a high CRI and offer super-clear and accurate lighting. Also, they light up instantly, which is always a good thing.

These can replace your 75W and 65W incandescent and halogen bulbs without any problem. These work great as track lights as well as recessed housing lights. You can choose between warm white, soft white, cool white, and daylight color options. Each color option has a different color temperature, so make sure you choose carefully.


12. Great Eagle LED 23W

Great Eagle LED 23W

What do you do when you just need 2 LED bulbs, but you don?t want to spend too much? You turn to Great Eagle! Here is a pack of two 23W LED light bulbs that light up instantly and have a long life. The 2605 lumens and the 220-degree beam angle of this product make it super bright. So it will perform great when you want to read or do activities that require visual acuity.

This pack has warm white colored bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K, so you can replace your halogens with this. The color emanated is such that it can be used anywhere since it doesn?t have additional blue or yellow tinge to it. The product is RoHS compliant and has no lead or mercury in it. With an 87% decrease in energy usage, this product makes for a great


13. Saudio Smart Light Bulbs

Saudio Smart Light Bulbs

This product by Saudio is all you need to make your life even smarter than it already was. A pack of 4 smart LED light bulbs under a 40-dollar price range is the best deal you will get. These bulbs are compatible with devices like Echo and Google Home Assistant. You can also integrate them into apps like IFTTT, making them voice accessible. With the use of Saudio?s own app, you can control all the bulbs at once from your mobile phone.

They just need to be connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi connection to be able to function remotely. If you want a better broadcasting range, it is advised that you should not pair them with 5 GHz Wi-fi. In these E6 bulbs, you get the standard while color and not the mixed one. And you get the liberty to adjust it from cool white to warm white. If you have a 3hr or less usage of each bulb, they can easily last you for about 18 years and save you 80% energy in the process.


14. Great Eagle 100W

Great Eagle 100W

Searching for a bunch of 15W LED light bulbs that are easily dimmable? Great Eagle has something for everybody. This pack of 6 light bulbs under 20 dollars is great for replacing any 100W halogen lights. These are general-purpose lights, so you can use them in floor lamps, table lamps, or pendant fixtures. They will brighten up any room including kitchen, office, living room, etc. If you want a smooth and flicker-free dimming of these bulbs, you will need an LED compatible dimmer switch.
The lights turn on instantly and have a color temperature of 5000K which is named Daylight. With 1600 Lumens, they give you clear brilliant light without any added colors. They are sure to save you energy and reduce the per day cost of light usage greatly. Worried if these bulbs will fit in the fixtures properly? Great Eagle takes care of that with their perfectly.


15. AmazonBasics 60W Equivalent 24-Pack

AmazonBasics 60W

Here is a huge pack of 24 LED light bulbs to last you for a long time and that too in less than 30 dollars. They have been designed with a life of 10,000 hours, which is almost 9 years if you use them for 3 hours a day. Every bulb in the pack provides instant light-up with 800 Lumens of light. This product is designed to simulate daylight with a color temperature of 5000K.

Compared to its incandescent equivalent, it only utilizes 9 watts of energy hence saving you a bunch of money. AmazonBasics, one of the best led light brands states that these bulbs cost less than 2 dollars to operate per year. You can easily use them in enclosed glass ceiling fixtures. And they don?t warm up at all even after use for an extended period of time. One downside to them is that they are non-dimmable, so if you want lights that can dim down, these are not the best ones for you. Some customers have mentioned that there is a perceivable green tint to the color of these lights. So you might want to check for that.


Benefits Of Using LED Light Bulbs

1. Energy Efficiency

This is where LED light bulbs win our hearts. They are designed in a way that they use around 50% less electricity than the fluorescent or incandescent options. This, in turn, leads to significant power cost savings, especially for spaces where long hours of lighting is required. This energy efficiency is achieved by the special directional lighting of the LEDs. Unlike traditional bulbs that emit light in all directions, LEDs only emit light hemispherically and not spherically. This particular property reduces the wastage of light as well as energy.

Traditional bulbs are known to burn out or just die after certain hours of use. Whereas, LED bulbs only get dimmed as time goes by. The best LED lights are those that have a working life of 20,000 to 50,000 hours. In comparison, an incandescent bulb only lasts for around 1500 hours at the max. The longer they last, the lesser will be the cost of getting them replaced. And the more money you save.

2. Instant Lighting

Most HID lamps or traditional light bulbs fail to reach their full brightness potential when they are turned on. That?s not the case with LED light bulbs. These light up with 100% brightness from the very moment you turn on the switch.

3. Safety

It has been researched that incandescent lamps convert 90% of the power they consume into infrared or heat. Only 10% is actually sent out as visible light, which is quite disappointing. Excessive heat and radiation pose a threat to people as well as objects. LEDs, on the other hand, emit almost no IR or UV when emitting light. LEDs also work on much lower voltage systems comparatively. And not only that, they are one of the most eco-friendly lighting options that the world has seen so far.

4. Good CRI

The CRI or color rendering index of many traditional lamps is quite poor. This means that they are not able to reveal the actual color of the object in their visible light. LEDs usually have pretty good CRI rating which makes them a better choice.

5. Durability

The modern LED light bulbs are resistant to breakage and immune to vibration impacts too. This is because they don?t contain any glass or filaments. The incandescent bulbs that we have been using for decades usually have a glass or quartz enclosure. These materials are highly prone to get shattered.

6. Enhanced Control

You can make your fluorescent lighting dimmable, but that can cost some unnecessary amount of money. However, most LED light bulbs sold these days come with an inherent dimmable property. This is because LEDs are semiconductor devices and come with various controls. Also, the dimming offered by LEDs is continuous and no step-level. So, the light dims in a smooth and seamless manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Choose LED Light For Home Use?

Bulbs with low temperatures make warm whites, which are used for developing relaxing ambiances. Whereas bulbs which produce neutral whites have medium temperature and bulbs with high temperature make cool whites. The cool whites are more likely to mimic daylight and tend to be the best LED lights for home.

Lumens are used to determine the brightness of a bulb. When you are looking for a bulb for your bedroom, you want to go for bulbs with fewer lumens and low temperatures. This will allow our brain to make melatonin which is needed for better and comfortable sleep. In case you need a bedside lamp, then the soft blue or neutral-toned bulbs are the best.

2. What Is Better Among LED Bulb And Tube Light?

Choosing between an LED bulb and tube light depends on various factors such as lighting requirement, room size, wiring, and fixtures, etc. Both these options are energy efficient and give enhanced lighting solutions. For bigger rooms, tube lights are usually considered the best option. Since LED bulbs come in many different colors, they tend to be a good option for decorative lamps.

3. Do LED Bulbs Save Energy?

Yes, LEDs are extremely energy-efficient. Manufacturers have expanded the application of LEDs by clustering various small bulbs. There are around 180 or more bulbs per cluster encased in diffuser lenses, which spreads the light in wider beams. This allows the bulbs to run efficiently at very low wattage. There are LEDs available in the market that run at 15W and have the ability to replace 100W halogen lights. This wattage variance is what allows the LED bulbs to use a very low amount of electricity.

4. Should I Buy LED Based On Watts Or Lumen?

In the case of LED lights, it is the lumens which are considered more important than the old Wattage system. It should be noted that Watts measure the amount of electricity required to light a luminaire. Whereas, lumens measure the amount of light a source produces. So if you want a bulb for your reading lap, you should go for higher lumens since you want the bulb to be bright. However, for a bedroom, an LED with lesser lumens will be a better choice.

Best LED Light Bulbs – Conclusion

LED bulbs have been a hit from the very time they came into the market. However, being born from a brand new technology, the cost of these bulbs was too high. Therefore, the traditional bulbs still looked profitable in comparison to LEDs. However, in the past few years, the technological advancements in this field have picked up the pace. And the cost of LED light bulbs has been reduced quite a bit.

Therefore, there is no excuse for you to not start replacing your traditional bulbs with LEDs now. Are you new to this and don?t know how to choose the best LED light bulb for your space? Go through our extensive guide on LED light bulbs covering a number of important topics. Pick the right one from our list of reviewed products and save yourself a ton of money on power bills.

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