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Best Light Bulbs 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Philips 5459212. AmazonBasics A193. Sylvania 74765
Philips LED 545921 Best Light BulbAmazonBasics A19Sylvania 74765

One of the most essential aspects of a home is its lighting. Now going a couple of centuries back:? opposed to popular belief, the first light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison. It was first invented by Humphry Davy in 1802 but his design did not take off as it was difficult to produce for the masses.

Then various versions of light bulbs were developed, all meeting the same fate, until Thomas Edison who made the first commercially successful bulb in 1879.

His invention was an incandescent light bulb which is hailed to this date as one of the greatest gifts to mankind. But now that the concern about the environment is on the rise and the demand for energy-efficient products is increasing constantly.


There are also products available in the market which are considered the best light bulb as they are more energy-efficient and consume less energy to begin with. LED, compact fluorescent light and smart bulbs are here to stay and thrive. They are considered to be the best light bulb for home.

Added to that, the bulbs can do various manoeuvres like dimming, voice command, motion-activated and much more. As you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of ceiling bulb options available to you, let’s take a look at the type of products available today and how well they can meet your personal needs.

Types Of Light Bulb

1. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

The most efficient light bulb ever made and consumes the least amount of energy as well. It can last somewhere between 20000 and 50000 hours and according to the consumer reports, if used for 3 hours a day it can be used for 18 to 46 years. Choosing LED bulbs over any other kind is highly recommended (if it?s able to fulfil your needs, or else go for the one that does).

These bulbs are very versatile when it comes to control and features. Just to suit your preferences you can dim, cycle through various colours and temperature (you can even minimise the excessive blue light these bulbs tend to emit). The power range varies from 2.5 to 16 Watts. One of the downsides of LEDs is that they produce directional light and hence are not ideal for ambient lighting.

But there are newer versions where multiple LEDs are clustered together to give a softer and broader light, but they will cost you six times more than the individual LEDs.

2. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb)

For a long time, these were the most energy-efficient products but now they rank 2nd below LEDs. Still, they are the best option for you if LED is a bit costlier for you. Compared to the old-school incandescent bulbs it still lasts 7 to 10 times longer and it consumes nearly 75% less energy. You can get CFL bulbs with various colour temperatures but dimmable CFL bulbs are rare.

Their power levels vary between 3 to 120 Watts and just for comparison, a 14 Watts CFL is equivalent to a 60-Watts incandescent bulb. You should be very careful when handling these bulbs as they have small traces of mercury within them.

3. Halogen Incandescent

These are very similar to incandescent bulbs as they have filaments that get heated up to the point of glowing. But compared to the old-school incandescent bulbs this one consumes 30% less energy but it can provide you other features as well.

It is generally used with dimmers and these bulbs tend to come in cooler and more blue colours than others. This gives it a very natural look so everything they light looks very vibrant and crisp.

The power range of these vary between 5 to 500 Watts and they can last upto 3 years.? But they get pretty hot and needs time to cool off (so don’t touch them after using them for a while). This is one of the reasons why they are not used in table lamps and floor lamps.

Another word of caution: don’t touch them with bare hands even when they are cold. The natural oil from your fingers will stick to it and when the bulb is in use it gets heated very quickly and might shatter.

4. Wifi Capable Light Bulbs

This is one of the most advanced light bulbs of this era. This is a special kind of bulb that is made to be controlled remotely and change the lighting of your house through your tablet or smartphones. All you need to do is Wi-Fi capable bulb into the fixture and then download the app on your tablet or phone and then you can control it from literally anywhere in the world.

These devices can be voice-controlled and are compatible with many of the other smart devices of your house. You can even program lights to turn on and off at a particular time and you can adjust the brightness of the lights.

It is to be noted that these bulbs are generally device-specific, meaning they work the best on either Android or Apple devices. But the price tag they come with is very high.

5. Incandescent Bulbs

Quite contrary to popular belief, the incandescent bulb is not yet dead (you can say it’s on life support) and you can find these products online and even in stores.

As per the law passed in 2007 by the Congress, incandescent bulbs can’t be produced in the United States because they didn’t meet the new federal energy efficiency standards. Hence, over the past decade, it’s been phasing out from the market but it’s still present as mentioned before.

Now coming to their features they are very cheap and can be controlled easily. Meaning they are dimmable and are available in a variety of sizes and power consumption ratings (40 to 150 Watts).

Then lie in the warmer side of the colour spectrum and are complementary to skin tones. But they produce a lot of heat and only last for 2 years at best. The energy efficiency is very low as well.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Light Bulb

There are a few factors you should keep in mind while going for a light bulb so that the bulb you end up buying will meet the exact need you have.

1. The Bulbs Shape And Base

There are names given to the shapes of various lightbulbs like globe, spiral and reflector. They are generally denoted with letter-number-letter. And in this combination, the first letter stands for the shape, the number denoted the diameter of the bulb and the last letter is for the length of the bulb.

There are basically two types of bases for bulbs like the screw base and the pin base. It’s important that you see this detail in your bulb to see if it will fit into your socket or not.

2. Lumens And Wattage

Watts measures the power consumed by the bulb in an hour and lumens tells you the luminosity or amount of light from the bulb. The brighter the light the more is the lumen value. Energy-efficient bulbs will provide you the same lumens with a lower Wattsage hence helping you save energy and bill simultaneously.

So while going for energy-efficient bulbs, look for the lumen value rather than Watts because these bulbs have lower Wattsage for the same lumen value compared to conventional products.

3. Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

This is a measure of how accurate the light is in showing objects that are lit by it. In other words how accurately the human can see the colour of an object under that light. CRI is on a scale of 0 to 100.

A bulb with a CRI rating between 85 and 90 is considered good and one with a CRI of 90 or higher is considered excellent and should be used in places where colour accuracy reproduction is essential.

4. Colour Temperature

The temperature of colour is measured in Kelvin. Basically the colour temperature of the light from a bulb describes how objects look to the direct human eye. For example, bulbs that produce yellowish light have a colour temperature of about 2700k and give humans a cosy and warm feeling.

As the yellowish colour of the bulb keeps reducing it comes to the cooler tones of the spectrum and gives cooler vibes. A colour temperature of 5000k or above gives you blueish-white colour.

5. Voltage Rating

This is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your purchase that should be kept in mind. To get the maximum efficiency from your bulb you should buy one with the same voltage rating as your supply voltage. It’s important that it should be as precise as possible because low voltage elements draw more current and this reduces the life of the bulb.

While using incandescent bulbs you can use lower voltage bulbs but this will adversely affect the brightness of the light.

Top 8 Best Light Bulbs 2020

1. Philips LED 545921

Philips LED 545921 Best Light BulbThis is one of the best everyday LED light bulbs designed by Philips. This is designed to give energy efficiency without compromising light quality. This LED light is non-dimmable and it’s an A19 frosted light bulb that uses about 80% less energy compared to 60 Watts incandescent bulbs.

But it keeps the luminosity same as the classic one,a helping you save a lot of energy. These bulbs are made to last long (about 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs).

This also saves you from frequently changing bulbs. Each of these products are designed to provide you with a lifetime of 10,950 hours and 10 years of light (these numbers are based on lighting them 3 hours per day).

Now coming to the lighting, it gives you a very soft white light and it’s really comfortable to the eyes because of its high CRI. The colour temperature of this product is about 2700K which delivers you very sharp and bright colours for the entire room filling it with ambient light. This product is completely mercury-free.

It’s compatible with the E26 medium screw base and is not compatible with Philips HUE products. They are tested to give you flicker-free light. It also won’t give you strobe glare.


2. AmazonBasics A19

AmazonBasics A19It is designed to give a very comforting soft white light. Is ideal for indoor lighting (like bedroom, living room, study, and dining room) and it produces light equivalent to a 60 Watts incandescent bulb. This is a non-dimmable A19 LED in a pack of 6. The colour temperature of the bulb is around 2700K which gives a very natural, calm, yellowish and warm glow making you feel cosy.

These bulbs are designed to last for about 15000 hours and if used for 3 hours per day, may last up to 13 years. This makes it a very economical choice as it costs you around $1.26? a year and also uses only 10.5 Watts of power.

Many bulbs are designed to get bright slowly over time but not this one. It gives you instant bright light the moment you switch it on. No waiting time whatsoever. It produces 800 lumens instantly, lighting up the whole room.

This product is also certified frustration-free meaning there won’t be any flicker or strobe glare which is not pleasant for the eyes. It is compatible with the E26 medium screw base making it easy to put into the fixture.


3. Sylvania 74765

Sylvania 74765It is designed to provide you with beautiful bright light. It has a CRI of 80 or more which gives you a better colour rendition which means the blue, green and red (the basic primary colours that make up all other colours) look more accurate and natural.

Also, many bulbs are known to radiate harmful UV light which can fade clothes and artworks but these bulbs don’t have any of those issues. It don’t produce UV or IR light. It is also mercury-free, making it safe to handle in case you drop it and it shatters.

It is made to have a long life. If used for 3 hours a day it can last up to 10 years or in other words 11000 hours. This makes it practically maintenance-free and also it is a huge help when they are located in hard to reach places.

Now, you can save upto 85% of energy by using this instead of an incandescent bulb and also this product is more economical compared to the incandescent bulb as you won’t have to replace them every now and then.

It gives a very soft daylight with a colour temperature of 2700K giving you a warm and cosy feeling. This also provides you instant brightness (unlike CFL bulbs) making them ideal for on-demand performances.


4. Sunco G25 LED

Sunco G25 LEDThis is a dimmable LED light designed by Sunco. It has the ability to dim between the range of 10% to 100% making it easy to control to suit the mood and decor.

This LED light is designed to give the same colours as the sunlight give it true colour rendering capabilities. This bulb is ideal for chandelier, vanities, kitchens, the pendant ceiling fixture in the bathroom or any other room of your house for that matter.

This gives you a 40 Watts equivalent power at just 6 Watts. Thus, this bulb is a huge energy saver, saving upto 85% of energy compared to the incandescent counterpart for the same amount of light. LEDs have become a more sustainable choice as it has a longer lifetime compared to the traditional bulbs and also has lower relamping costs.

This product has been certified to meet all the highest standards in order to give you optimal safety and performance. This bulb gives you instant bright light and is designed to have zero flickers or buzzing to give you maximum eye comfort. This is compatible with the standard E26 medium screw base and has a voltage rating of 120 volts.


5. TCP LA927KND6?

TCP LA927KND6?This pack of 6 very efficient bulbs can save you up to 85% of energy as each bulb provides light of luminosity same as an incandescent bulb of 60 Watts at just 9 Watts. These bulbs are made to last long (about 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs).

This also saves you from frequently changing bulbs. Each of these products are designed to provide you with a lifetime of 20000 hours and 18 years of light (these numbers are based on lighting them 3 hours per day). This is an A19 LED light which requires 120 volts to run properly. It is not dimmable.

This bulb emits a soft white light at a colour temperature of 2700K. This makes it give a very warm and cosy feeling. It is ideal to light bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, table and floor lamps.

It produces light of 800 lumens and also it is an instant bulb. So there is practically no waiting time. This bulb is very easy to install as it is compatible with the standard E26 medium screw base light fixture.


6. Great Eagle A19?

Great Eagle A19This bulb is designed to save you up to 85% of energy as it provides light of luminosity same as an incandescent bulb of 60 Watts at just 9 Watts. The lifetime of these bulbs is insanely high. They can last upto 25000 hours or in other words, can light upto 22 years (these numbers are true if they are used for 3 hours a day). So you won’t be needing to replace bulbs at all for a long time.

It produces a 3000K soft light which lies on the warm side of the temperature spectrum. This is also an instant bulb, so you need not wait for it to warm up. Also, the bulb has CRI above 83 which means it renders brilliant and realistic colours. This bulb can operate well till -4?F.

This product is tested for best safety and performance and is also listed by the Underwriter Laboratories. The test of this lab is very rigorous to ensure consumer safety. This also comes with a warranty of 3 years. This is a non-dimmable LED light and is best suited for vanities, bedrooms or any other room of the house and even for commercial use, this is a wise choice.


7. Sunco BR30

Sunco BR30You can save upto 85% of energy by using this instead of an incandescent bulb and also this product is more economical compared to the incandescent bulb as you won’t have to replace them every now and then. It produces light of luminosity equivalent to 65 Watts incandescent bulb at just 11 Watts which cuts your electricity bill significantly.

This is a dimmable LED light designed by Sunco. It has the ability to dim between the range of 10% to 100% making it easy to control to suit the mood and decor. This LED light is designed to give the same colours as the sunlight, giving it true colour rendering capabilities.

This product is UL certified in order to ensure its safety and performance. This lightbulb provides instant light and is designed to nullify any kinds of flickers or buzzing to enhance the comfort of your eyes while using them. It is compatible with E26 medium screw base light fixture.


8. Edison

EdisonThe design of this bulb is a bit unique and gives you a vintage vibe. This is a filament bulb designed based on the original Thomas Edison bulb. It gives your lighting an antique look and the filament of this bulb has a gorgeous squirrel cage design. It just enhances the look of a room because of its noir era aesthetics.

It fits with both the standard E26 and E27 medium screw base light fixture and this makes it fit all your home sockets. It can go with any pendant light fixture as well. This is also a dimmable light (although the dim switch is not included with the package). These bulbs are 2.6 inches wide and will offer give you a more diffused light.

These bulbs are long-lasting as well, having a bulb life of almost 30000 hours and can last upto 27 years based on 3-hour daily use. It can generate light of lumen value ranging between 400 and 780. This product is completely based in the USA hence it is built with the utmost quality and safety in mind.


So now that you know that there are amazing, economical bulbs out there to meet any of your demands, you get to save energy and your money. Just be careful to keep in mind the factors that we discussed earlier in this article.

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