Best Book Lights 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Vekkia2. Energizer Clip On3. Mighty Bright 40511
Vekkia Best Book LightEnergizer Clip OnMighty Bright 40511

A book-light is primarily bounced light source, diffused with a specific diffusion layer. The light is placed 45 degrees to the reflector, and at the end of your bounce, where your space is limited, you can join the diffusion layer. It creates an image of an open book, and hence the name.

You will make your lamp‘s light stronger by increasing the distance between the source and your diffusion layer. In the above example, the reflector has now become the source, not the strobe. So the further you move your diffusion away, the softer best book light you will get.

As the distance between the reflector and the diffusion panel increases, you can see in the video below how the shadow softens on the hand.


Alternatively, if you have access to a double diffused octa box or a bounced modification such as a Photek soft lighter, you can replace it with the strobe and reflector to obtain similar soft wrap around light results.

A quality book light provides quiet support during practice hours for musicians out there. It shines on sheet music and keyboards, keeping the light where it is needed ? and your focus.

So book lights make a trusty sidekick for the crafter or hobbyist that gives a sharper view of stitches, brushstrokes, or jewelry design.

You have plenty of options out there, but don’t worry ? we’ve narrowed it to the best of the best. Below are some of the highest-rated lights in the novel. Good reading!

Is Reading In Dark Bad For Our Eyes?

It will not cause lasting damage, according to most eye doctors. For most people, vision tends to weaken over time, and family history tends to be a significant determining factor. But while reading in low light will not cause vision decline, it may result in strain of the eye.

Like any muscle in the body, when overworked, the eyes may become weak. Challenging visual work, such as reading in dim light, causes the eyes to get tired faster than they would normally. Some eye strain symptoms include fatigued eyes, headaches, itchy eyes, blurred vision, and increased light sensitivity.

If you’re having eye strain because you’ve been reading in the dark, it’s time to look at why you choose to read in such low lighting. If it’s just because you don’t want to turn your light on, then you should probably go ahead and take those extra steps to turn on your lamp. When it is something that is inevitable, such as sensitivity to light, then there are a few things that you can do to reduce the symptoms of eye strain.

When reading something for a prolonged amount of time, remember to blink. Blinking produces tears that make your eyes moist and refreshed . In order to keep your eyes from drying out, try to blink as often as you can.

Another way to fight the strain of the eye is to improve the flexibility of your eye muscles . Some flexibility exercises include making your eyes a figure-eight, moving your eyes up and down and in an open space from side to side, and massaging the muscles around your eyes.

Top 14 Best Book Lights 2020

1. Vekkia B076SVC7SN

Vekkia Best Book LightThe best portable book light for children and bookworms. Vekkia LuminoLite has a suitable color for eye-reading. This book light has a feature where one need not change the batteries frequently but just charge the device and use it accordingly.

The book light has inbuilt LEDS which give three times more lighting than the original LED?S present. Enjoy your 60-hour wireless reading without charging even at low brightness.

It has 4 power modes to choose from, USB ports, laptop, power banks, and 5V phone charger. Simple micro-USB Android cable is also included. Never worry if you get lost locating a cable that is compatible because this luminosity has multiple options.

The new book light is super lightweight at 2,15 lbs. Clipping your book beautifully weightless, making a private reading room for you alone when your partner sleeps next to you. Ideal for reading in bed at night and traveling.

From time to time, no need to adjust the light. A secure padded clamp and infinitely flexible neck come with this night reading lamp allowing you to place and concentrate light exactly where you want it. Great for hiking, reading, writing, playing music, computer light, tasks, and hobbies.


2. Energizer Clip On

Energizer Clip OnThe Led clip reading book light is suitable for book light reading in bed. This reading bed book light has a special feature of touch switch through which book light can easily be switched ON without much effort. The brightness of light from this book light has eye protection through which one?s eyes do not strain.

Tap Switch with 3 levels of adjustable brightness ? Low setting is best for use as a night light without upsetting your bedmate; high setting is perfect for reading or studying.

Built-in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB interface design (no charger)?- raniaco book lamp can be powered by USB charger, plug and play, USB notebook PC, mobile phone adapter, Car USB and so on.

The reading light comes with a clamp holder that, when you want to read, can be opened at 2.36inch and put on your desk or fixed on the bottom. It saves you energy, protects your eyes and creates a sense of trend.

360 Degrees Rotating Flexible Model With Adjustable Twisted Tube ? The Super anti-slip silicone pad combined with its compact body makes it durable when positioned in a standing position.

The construction of the frosted lampshade is original. The Soft Light is good for your eyes because it does not flicker or cause negative radiation. The construction of this reading bed book light has 12 Led?s and also has a battery life of 24 hours when charged and is in use continuously.


3. Mighty Bright 40511

Mighty Bright 40511The XtraFlex2 LED Book Light is a compulsive little multi-tasker ? you’ll be grilling in no time because of its light! Two LEDs make the XtraFlex2 LED Book Light a highly versatile reading light. Press the button once or twice to set the intensity.

To set the perfect angle, click and twist ? the versatile neck obeys every whim. The clip opens extra wide when it matters most to keep your hands safe. Plug it in and keep plugging away when the battery runs low-the XtraFlex2 is a portable light.

Two energy-efficient LEDs emit a bright white light that are durable LEDs that last 100,000 hours-no need for replacement. Use one or two LEDs by pressing the button, which spreads light evenly through precisely engineered optical grade lenses. Almost something grips the solid film.

The flexible collar holds the light in place safely. The base can be used openly, with 3 AAA batteries or with an optional AC adapter. It has an optional base for the crib.


4. Clip-On Rechargeable Book Light

This book light is most suitable for reading in bed. This has led reading light which is used for books and kindles. This reading in bed book light has a 25 hour run time which can be used when charged at once.

The features of this book light are.

Lightweight & Portable: Handy, lightweight, portable Book Light runs on 2 (included) CR2032 Energizer batteries. You will have long-lasting reading time, and you can take anywhere with you this compact book light.

Advanced LED Technology: with advanced LED technology, re-creates natural reading conditions. This type of light gives plenty of visibility for reading, but on the eyes, it is still easy.

Versatile Neck & Built-In Clip: Compact design with versatile and collapsible neck and built-in clip makes a perfect companion or copilot for travel or camping. Easily connects over-sized spring clips to books, Kindles, clipboards, visors, etc.

Optimal Beam Size: offers a beam that is broad enough to see, but small enough to protect privacy. Great for reading your book or lighting on a plane, in a car or on a camping trip in a tent.

Long-Lasting Run Time: Up to 25 hours run time, perfect for those books you just can’t put down. The long-lasting power makes this light a go-to even during a long power outage when you want to dive into a good book.

Versatile Clip-On Function: Clips to 0.5 inches (13 mm) thick books, tablets, car viewfinder or any other surfaces. Light enough to read anything, anywhere.

For graduates, car mechanics, pilots, instructors, and more, a lovely little present. A portable reading light makes the perfect stuffer for your life’s bookworms!


5. Ledgle Rechargeable

Ledgle RechargeableThis rechargeable book light is suitable for bed or car. The construction of this book light has a flexible arm and 4 super bright LED lights.

Powerful Lithium Rechargeable Battery Revised. The battery of 800mAh (not 700mAh) takes just 2,5 hours to be fully charged and can last up to 5-20 hours with high brightness and 12 hours with regular brightness. Do not have to waste battery purchase energy.

4 Total LEDs & 4 Brightness level. 2 LEDs Each arm, each side with one spotlight and one wide-angle LED. 1st Click is Wide angle Light, 2nd Spotlight click, 3rd Spot & Wide light click, 4th off click. For each arm, the functions are the same.

The arms are flexible. The weapons of steel alloy are flexible and strong. Arms are coated with a silicone flexible, non-toxic, safe to use and high quality.

Lightweight, compact, portable and long-lasting. The bendable book light requires little space with only 0.3Ib weight and can easily fit into your carry-on suitcase, making it an ideal choice from all points of view.


6. Topelek LED Reading Light

Topelek LED Reading LightThis reading light can also be used as a book light. The construction of this reading light has a flexible easy clip on a reading lamp and also has eye-protection.

This reading light offers 3 different brightness settings: 4 LEDs high light & 2 LEDs white light & 2 LED warm light, perfect for working, sleeping, reading, just by clicking on the screen.

You will enjoy your wireless reading time comfortably with the built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Supporting 4 power mode, laptop, power banks, 5V cell phone charger (not included) and car charger, allowing you to recharge your reading light anywhere, anytime. The battery can be recharged, but can not be replaced.

For optimal positioning, the flexible neck will bend in pretty much place, adjustable clip with silicone surface protects pages that are clamped and strong grip.

The book light that covers your eyes with natural and non-flickering light. There are several brightness levels, bright enough to reduce the pressure of the eye, but comfortable enough for you to read in bed without upsetting your partner.

This new light of books is just 2.3 oz, light enough to clip on books to read in bed at night. Foldable gooseneck makes traveling around convenient for you.


7. The Lamborghini

The LamborghiniThis is categorized as one of the super reading lamps. It is portable, rechargeable, long-lasting and is also adjustable. This book light is the best investment for bookworms as it can be easily carried everywhere.

You can read up to 130 hours per charge with 2 of the 10 LEDs on a 1200mAh (20 percent more than others). You have freedom of choice when you keep the book, the edge of the desk or the music stand, hanging on the wall or standing. Two arms widen the illuminated area, avoiding dark areas enormously.

Nothing more personal than the sense of sight, enjoy choosing the color of light that makes your eyes feel more relaxed while reading your favorite books. This is Amazon’s most full book package, including Ultra Long USB Cable, Safe UL Listed Charger 1.0A and Elegant Carry Back AND the box is wrapped so you don’t need to pack it in wrapping paper.

Replaceable battery for many more years extends the life of your investment. You can use the extra-long cable easily even without a plug. Warranty for life. You still win with Ecologic Mart, add your new reading lamp to your cart now and take advantage of this selling price.


8. Topelek Reading Light

Topelek Reading LightEquipped with 7 upgraded LEDs to provide luminance more consistent than normal LEDs. With three color temperatures (3000 K to 6500 K) and three brightness settings (low, medium, high), short brightness control press, long color temperature switch press. Simple to work, fulfilling your various lighting requirements in everyday life.

Constructed in a 1000mAh lithium rechargeable battery, it provides up to 60 hours of lighting time (at low brightness setting) with only 1.5 hours of quick recharging, enabling you to enjoy longer wireless reading time. For battery monitor, to avoid overcharging, it is easy to know the remaining power in real-time and the charging rate.

No darkness, no flicker, no dizzy sun. LED lamps to provide a more stable and comfortable light than common incandescent lamps to protect your eyes from hurt and radiation from shining. Soft light also allows you to read at night in bed without disturbing your partner.

The gooseneck is flexible and you can place the light exactly where you want, an ideal assistant for computers, reading, sewing, making up. The silicone surface protects the pages being clamped and the adjustable clip ensures a secure grip.

This new light on the book is just 2.3 oz, light enough to clip on books to read in bed at night. The foldable neck of goose makes it convenient for you to travel around.


9. Vekkia Rechargeable

Vekkia RechargeableNo longer holding a torch by your hand or mouth, or wearing a headlamp on your head, shaking your head like a robot to change the path of light when you’re reading or working on repairing. This lightweight neckband hug light also lets you concentrate on what you’re doing without thinking about the light whenever you’re reading in bed or garden/patio, fixing, baking, working, and many more.

For each arm, our book light is equipped with 2 LED. 1 LED for spotlight mode, 1 LED for wide-area floodlight mode. Each arm has a switch for easy choice of brightness. This book light has 3 Levels of brightness for each arm: flashlight ? wide light area ? Full brightness for both flashlight and wide light. Brightening the smallest area with enough light to read without upsetting your partner’s sound asleep.

It has a 1000 cycle life span, equivalent to 3,000 AAA battery pcs, save your money, and save the world. Enjoy reading up to 6-10 hours of wireless without the need for a charge. Charger. Included simple micro-USB cabling. If the cable was lost, no headache.

You can position and focus light exactly where you want it, 1 light for the left and 1 light for the right, or 1 light for the front and one light for the back, whatever. Flexible as a lady of Yoga. The necks have a soft surface of silicon. The part that touches the neck is softly padded. Perfect for touching and wearing.


10. Book Light For Reading

Book Light For ReadingGreat to read at night in bed, on the sofa or in the car. This ultra-bright LED Booklight clip stops you from straining your eyes or distracting anyone.

Doubles as a feature of the novel! Use it out of the box right away. Click on it. Turn it on and you’re willing to go. Attack on books of all shapes and sizes to the back cover. You can adjust the reading angle for maximum comfort with a flexible neck. Comes complete with already mounted 2x CR2016 batteries; making it the perfect companion for a bookworm.

This weighs the equivalent of a tablespoon of sugar at just 0.64 ounces. Great for long journeys on travel, camping or reading. Fits in your pocket. Bring it wherever you go with you.

As one of the most innovative and exciting gifts, Giftware Association chose this battery-powered reading light, making it the perfect stuffer and Secret Santa present.


11. Dewenwils USB Rechargeable

Dewenwils USB RechargeableThis is mostly used as a book light for reading in bed. Can stand alone or clip on a book; the 90 ? counter-clockwise, 180 ? downward, and 45 ? downward LED lens can be swiveled; the 350 ? adjustable holder helps you to focus light exactly where you want it to be.

No external cable needed, built-in USB. Plug it directly into a rechargeable device, power bank, adapter, car charger, or USB port. It takes about 8 hours to charge 1.5 hours.

3000 K warm white, 2 eye-care customizable brightness, completely illuminates the two pages. Soft warm light provides a private reading room without disrupting anyone next to you.

1.3 Ounce, compact and lightweight, suitable for clipping on a book while reading at night; can be completely folded flat and thin, convenient for reading on an airplane, train or car seat when traveling or camping.

Nice appearance and multi-functions, this book light is a great present for children who love reading anywhere. It can also be used when powering blackout as a bookmark or mini flashlight.


12. Vekkia Hug Light

Vekkia Hug LightThere are 3 light colors in this LED book light and 3 brightness levels in each color. 1) Press the switch and hold the color (3000 K Warm White, 4200 K Natural White, 6500 K Cool White) for 3 seconds. 2) Quick click switch to choose (low, medium or high) brightness.

Flush-mounted turns on / off. During the ride, the light will not inadvertently turn on. Easy to switch, fulfilling your everyday life’s different light requirements.

Built-in 1200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, enjoy reading your wireless 60 HOURS without charging at the brightness setting (warm, low). Four power modes to choose from, USB ports, laptops, power banks and 5V telephone chargers (not included). Standard micro-USB cable for Android included. If the USB cable is lost, do not worry about finding a compatible cable.

The natural and non-flickering light from the book light covers your eyes. There are 3 levels of colors x 3, so you can choose the ideal color and brightness that will keep your eyes relaxed.LED book light has a sweet peanut patent feature.

The gooseneck is adjustable to move where you want to in the right position. Great for reading, traveling, hiking, reading, learning, music stand light, computer light, tasks and hobbies on the headboard or table. The clip’s rubber pad protects pages from damage and provides a secure and stable clamping.


13. Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

Vekkia Bookmark Book LightRechargeable Lithium battery installed in 250mAh. Saving energy and you can charge it with a mobile adapter, power bank, USB port, etc. We have great security after the sale. Click for temperature adjustment (warm, white, mixed). Press long to adjust the luminosity. Step-less of a dimmer. Take care of your eyes.

Bring this book light on the plane for your kindle and books when you’re flying. Bringing anywhere is small and convenient enough. FEATURES BUILT-IN USB CABLE, without extra cable, it is easy. You can make our bookmark lights flat and serve as a bookmark.

It is 5 oz lightweight, so the book you’re holding up doesn’t add a lot of weight. Soft bendable metal neck covered in rubber helps you to position the direction of light. It’s good with a clip and it stays in place. It seems to be fine.

Recommend this to anyone on their books who has the same problem or just wants a little extra light! It shines on your kindle and books, and when you read the story, it doesn’t light up the entire house. No distractions at all! Beautiful and light, but not dumb. Great for reading your bedtime night.

The reading light is a good gift for children who love reading anywhere and everywhere or reading before going to bed or before nap time. There’s no need to worry about their sight as they read too much in the dark. Stepless dimming, optical diffuser lens gives rather than harsh lights very soft lights. But it’s also their excuse to stay up late, be alert.


14. iGoober

iGooberWith an integrated lithium battery, the battery only takes 2.5 hours to be fully charged and can last up to 6-8 hours with high brightness and 10 hours with normal brightness.

4 Total LEDs & 4 Brightness rate. 2 Leds Each neck, each side with one spotlight and one wide-angle LED. The first click is Wide angle Light, the second click is Spotlight, the third click is Spot & Wide light, the fourth click is off. For each arm, the roles are the same.

Wear it around your neck to free your hands, incredibly comfortable and practical. The LED Book Light requires little space and can easily fit into your Baggage, making it an ideal choice from every aspect.

Great for indoor or outdoor sports such as reading, night jogging, and mending, blogging, working, etc. Light allows free hands to do anything.

A magical buckle as a gift is included as a comfortable match. To free your hands, wear it around your waist. Fit for indoor or outdoor sports such as reading, night jogging, and mending, blogging, working, etc.


Best Book Lights – Your choice?

Some equipment provides narrow spotlight and highlights, some do wide-area flood lights. Some is to banish darkness, others provide fill-in light where ambient light is not enough.

It is no surprise that brightness is the number one aspect you should remember when it comes to book lights. You want a light that is bright enough to prevent pressure on the eye, but not so bright that reading is painful. Choose one with warm-colored bulbs if you buy a book light to use before bed.

You may also want to search for a light with multiple brightness settings, so you can select the one that is conducive to your task or daytime. Many of the book lights on the market today use the most energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Some book lights are designed for travel, making them extra light and long lasting. Others are more robust and are meant to be firmly in place while you’re working. Many lights also come with useful features, such as a shut-off timer that stops you from sleeping on.

There are nearly as many book lights styles as there are book genres. Some have a flexible neck, while others wrap around your neck. Some of them are designed to clip on an e-reader while others are suitable for a flimsy paperback.

While most of our book light contenders have come with rechargeable batteries, one uses AAA batteries that can be removed. Consider what’s best for your situation. Just as important is the length of time each light has a charge.

Task lighting is specific to home work areas such as kitchen countertops, desks, craft tables and chairs for reading?wherever someone doing a job requires sharp, non-shadowed light. Task lighting such as reading light is not intended to illuminate the entire room?just a surface for work or reading.

Another factor to consider is that our eyes require more light to read by as we grow older. Research has shown that people in their sixties require 80% more light to read than people in their twenties. This increased need for light is due to the need to compensate for the wide opening capacity of the iris.

So what’s the ideal reading light? Experts agree that halogen and fluorescent lamps typically do a better job of lighting reading material than standard incandescent bulbs, regardless of your specific lamp style.

Halogen bulbs create a whiter light suitable for reading, and a bright white light ensures good lighting on the screen.

A common fluorescent lighting issue is that it gives off a greenish blue light. In a wide range of colors, today’s fluorescent bulbs and tubes are available, plus they use up to 80 percent less energy and last 20 times longer.

Experts also say you should sit between 14 and 18 inches away from your eyes with books and other printed material. The eyes can be exhausted by books nearer or farther.

Readers on the right will place the light on their left side, hitting the document, and vice versa. It makes it impossible for page turning hands to cast shadows across the reading material.

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