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Best Light Therapy Lamps 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Verilux VT10WW12. Circadian Optics Lumos 2.03. Miroco MI-CL003
Verilux VT10WW1 Best Light Therapy LampCircadian Optics Lumos 2.0

When talking about mental illnesses in humans, it is a topic that is less spoken of. However, as times are progressing, people are engaging in overcoming the taboo and starting to look for a cure.

One of the most common forms of mental issues that plague individuals is depression. While the forms of depression vary from one individual to another, effective treatments like therapies can be taken up to cure the state of mind.

SAD or Seasonal Affective disorder is also one of the major forms of depression that is typically caused in the winter season.


While the entire situation might be a little complex to handle, the need to get the right exposure to light is essential.

Generally, SAD is characterized by mood swings, frequent anxiety, weight loss, along with loss of appetite as well. Therefore, in order to get rid of all symptoms of mood swings, light therapy is a good way to start with.

Lightbox therapy is one of the best treatments that can work as an antidepressant in this case. Persons adopting to get rid of SAD can use the best light therapy lamp here, to secure and normalize brain activity.

In other words, the light delves deep into ??psychological counseling??, thereby improving your physical as well as mental condition.

Now, there are various forms of light therapy boxes present in the market. Buyers often get confused with the type of bright lamp; they are supposed to buy from the store.

All lightboxes are designed to improve the mental state in humans and restore perfect body balance.

As a result, you start to feel better, and all symptoms of SAD start to vanish away! In order to lessen the burden of shopping for these lamps, a brief buyer?s guide is listed below.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Light Therapy Lamp

Therapy Lamps are typically used to cure depression. In case you are suffering from constant mood swings and other symptoms, a lightbox can also help you.

Light therapy is associated with its own major advantages, effectively resolving negative conditions, to brighten up and activate your brain cells.

However, buying such a therapy lamp box is a daunting task. The features of the lamp make up for the ultimate buying guide that customers should take into consideration.

Therefore, before you head to the store or even search online for the best light therapy lamp, a brief guide to purchasing the product is as follows.

1. Light Intensity

When taking a closer look at the symptoms of SAD, it is essential that you contact your doctor regarding the intensity of light that you should be purchasing.

For natural healing, the best light therapy lamp can be your perfect companion, ready to assist you in your mind changes.

Since the lamp creates the same intensity that outdoor lighting has, the maximum intensity that you can come across in the market is 10000 Lux. The exposure of your brain to the right brightness of the lamp helps in activating the cells, thereby reducing all SAD symptoms.

Plus, some lamps come with increased light focus, which makes it easier to change the settings anytime and anywhere. The light can imitate the natural sunlight as well.

Thus, you have to be sure of the intensity and nature of the bulb that you are purchasing, so that the intensity can help in solving your problem!

2. Style Of The Lamp

There are various types of therapy lamps and lightboxes available in the market. Simple and minimalist design is the best option that you can look for, in addition to gaining portability.

Also, a therapy lamp that fits in with any modern room d?cor further enhances the style of your room and can be kept anywhere. If you are desirous of buying a big lamp, you can check the specifications and buy accordingly.

However, customizing the size of the lamp must essentially be a concern too. Also, these lamps are available in a table-top form, and no standing lamps are available.

Therefore, you can adjust the size accordingly if you are planning to keep it near your bedside table!

3. Safety

When buying the best light therapy lamp, you have to be sure of its safety features as well. The total characteristic of the lamp consists of several settings that buyers should be thorough with.

You do not want to end up buying a lamp that causes trouble, has low light intensity and further doubles your trouble. In order to stay safe from all possible circumstances and issues, buyers must buy a lamp that promises clarity and flexibility.

This means that the energy levels and the brightness should be beneficial for the buyer. Further, you must check with the security of the lamp, since it is an electronic product!

However, these therapy lamps go through special security tests and are considered less harmful as well. Also, doctors recommend this lamp for treating major health conditions, thereby assuring you of its safety!

4. Weight Of The Product

The weight of the therapy lamp must also be suitable since you must keep the chance of moving the lamp anywhere in the room. Sometimes, buyers complain of too much weight, resulting in fixing the lamp at one place only.

Therefore, to address the issue of weight here, buyers should check the specifications of the best light therapy lamp and compare the weight with other models.

For portability, choose a lamp that can be shifted and adjusted anywhere in the house. This will help you in customizing the light as per your own preference.

5. Average Cost

The price of the lamp is an important concern, especially when it promises to take care of SAD. Sometimes, high-end lamps can get a little too expensive, which can significantly drain all your money from your bank account.

For a personal experience, light and compact therapy lamps can perfectly address the cost issue. If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase these compact lamps, invested with significant features.

Therefore, if you are willing to spend some money on the best light therapy lamp, you can vary the features and tally the prices. Also, you can purchase the ??best-selling lamp??, in case you are curious to try it out at an affordable price itself!

6. Significant Features

The best light therapy lamps are conferred with some extraordinary features that buyers should keep in mind. On that note, you should check UV ray filter models, which protect your eyes and your skin from its side effects.

Also, some models come with extraordinary compact designs; you have to make sure that the lamp lives up to your requirements.

For impressing buyers, certain lamps have adjustable necks, which can bend as well. In addition to that, therapy lamps have alarm clocks too, helping the individual to wake up on time to start the therapy session.

The extra light from the lamp allows better focus, thereby helping you in reading and writing. Thus, if you are looking for some top qualities in your therapy lamp, take some recommendations and purchase the same!

With all of the above-listed factors for buying the best light therapy lamp, let?s now take a look at the top product recommendations that you can purchase today!

Top 15 Best Light Therapy Lamps 2020

1. Verilux VT10WW1

Verilux VT10WW1 Best Light Therapy LampTo keep up with a healthy lifestyle, taking in the sun?s energy is quite essential. Therefore, one of the best light therapy lamps that work wonders to heal all forms of mental issues is Verilux happy light personal therapy lamp.

Compact in design, this product comes with 10000 lux light intensity, along with the facility to prevent the emission of harmful UV rays. In addition to that, the lamp is affordable for buyers and also comes with a warranty card for one year.

Portable and provides improved longevity, this lamp is powerful and can reduce your overall fatigue as well. It reduces excessive eye strain and is also safe for your skin.

With a combination of all extraordinary features, this lamp imitates the regular sunlight and gives you the best therapeutic experience! Purchase this lamp to heal naturally!


2. Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0With an elongated structure, one of the best sad lights that received good reviews is Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light therapy lamp. This product is vested with efficient features, whereby the light enters your body and stimulates the cells, thereby making you conscious of your own surroundings.

This therapy lamp improves your overall body balance, maintains and regulates your regular sleep cycle, along with taking care of your mood swings.

Apart from curing SAD, this lamp is also known to cure all forms of depression too. Provided with 10000 lux light intensity, this lamp is not only portable but is flexible as well.

The light from the lamp boosts your overall energy and keeps all negative thoughts at bay. The response of the light reduces fatigue and improves your body performance. You can purchase this lamp within an appropriate price range!


3. Miroco MI-CL003

Miroco MI-CL003If you are having trouble getting up in the morning, then it?s time that you opt for a therapy lamp. Such a lamp is associated with treating all forms of mental ailments and even keeps your skin healthy.

The Miroco Light therapy lamp also has some similar features and is, therefore, one of the best sad lamp models you can purchase today.

This lamp instantly elevates your dull mood, provides much-needed energy and enhances focus to carry out activities for the rest of the day.

Since this lamp can fit in any corner of your room, it is known to regulate and stabilize sleeping patterns as well. Once you purchase this lamp, adopting a healthy lifestyle is no more an issue.

In addition to that, your SAD symptoms seem to disappear with time and you can engage freely with life?s daily activities.

This lamp comes with three levels of brightness and promises 13 months of manufacturing warranty too.


4. Buyer IL50

Buyer IL50One of the best light therapy lamps that can reduce your SAD symptoms commendable is the Buyer IL50 Infrared Therapy heating lamp.

This product not just successfully cures depression, but instantly uplifts your mood in the best way possible. This lamp targets specific areas of the brain to help you get instant relief.

In addition to that, it improves blood circulation and promotes good sleeping patterns.

The compact design of the lamp can suit the modern aesthetics of your home and the neck can be bent to any angle for comfort.

The 10000 lux light intensity promotes positivity and cures you of muscle aches too. The best part of having this lamp is that it can help in the treatment of bronchial congestion as well.

You can purchase this lamp at an affordable price range. Plus, the 3200W bulb received with the packaging, helps in targeting areas of your skin too, and delivers adequate results.

The lamp has an auto-timer of 15 minutes. The lights turn off when the timer stops!


5. Verilux VT22

Verilux VT22For budget buyers who are looking for a good quality sad lamp light, Verilux has come up with its happy LED Light for you.

Considered as one of the best light for sad, the lamp can live up to your expectations of brightening your experience of therapy. This lamp has lots of intricate features, like portability and compact design.

Plus, this therapy lamp is known to cure you of all negative SAD symptoms, improves your mood, frees you from all sorts of anxieties and finally, regulates your sleep. With so much on the go, this lamp can be carried anywhere you want.

The lamp is safe for your eyes as well as skin. It is also known to heal you from skin conditions as well. The detachable stand of this lamp can suit your lifestyle and help you in providing the best form of natural sunlight.

Therefore, use this lamp to regulate your hormones and lessen all symptoms of depression! Stay happy and healthy today with light therapy!


6. Miroco

MirocoIf you are looking for a natural healing gadget for depression, the welcome home the Miroco Light therapy lamp. Free from UV rays emission; this lamp is equally good for treating all symptoms of SAD and other forms of depression.

There are more than two levels of brightness available with this lamp. Considered as one of the best sad lights, the luminous flux is 10000 lux.

Made of hard plastic, you can carry the lamp anywhere you like and keep it safely in any corner of your room.

The light emitted from the lamp helps in personal healing. Therefore, embrace the light technology and its positive effects, with this therapy lamp!


7. Carex

CarexOne of the best seasonal affective disorder lamp you are planning to buy today, the Carex health therapy lamp is there to help you out. With 100% reliable safe light emission, you can feel an instant boost of energy with this lamp.

The design of the lamp is modern and can easily fit with any contemporary home aesthetics. The best part of having this lamp is that it can cure you of all sorts of sleep disorders, prevent numbness and even release happy hormones in the body.

Say your final goodbye to lazy mornings with this therapy lamp, meant to channelize your inner energy, to keep you safe and healthy.

You can use this lamp in bright mode and feel the energy kicking in! This lamp can be used during winters too.


8. Circadian Optics Lumine

Circadian Optics LumineWith an all-new minimalist design, meant for all buyers out there, this best light therapy lamps for sad from circadian optics is just for your use.

Apart from helping individuals cure all forms of depression, this lamp is meant to regulate your sleeping cycle and keep you strong and hearty.

This lamp has an intensity of 10000 lux, a bendable neck, which promotes comfort while reading and writing. This lamp is 100% portable and fits in with all modern home d?cor.

When coming to the price, you can buy the lamp without draining too much money. This therapy lamp can uplift your mood and bring in the positive energy as well. Reduce fatigue and keep yourself working all day long with this therapy lamp!


9. Fit First

Fit FirstDesigned for all individuals who need an instant boost of energy, the Fit First Portable light therapy lamp emits soft white light, which helps in stabilizing your daily routine.

This best happy light has an adjustable brightness feature, where you can use the lamp at 5000 lux and 10000 lux. Therefore, depending on your mood and your present situation, adjusting the temperature and the intensity is not an issue.

The additional advantage of this lamp is that an extendable time limit of 30 minutes is provided. Also, the stand of the lamp is adjustable and the controls are easy to operate as well.

You can use the lamp for all possible depression cures and even prevent eye infections as well. The modern and portable design of this lamp blends with all homes. Also, the lamp comes with a warranty period, extended for one year!


10. Aura

AuraThe Aura Daylight lamp model is infused with excellent qualities that boost your mood instantly.

The good news about this therapy lamp is that it takes care of all SAD symptoms and keeps all side effects at bay. This lamp has two levels of energy output and helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

The ?? dual tilt angle? of this lamp makes it easier to adjust the reading angle. Plus, the 10000 lux intensity keeps you motivated.

The basic advantage of this lamp is that it is mountable on the wall. Therefore, get some amazing benefits from this therapy light and cure yourself of depression!


11. TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp

TaoTronics Light Therapy LampTo ensure that you receive the best treatment for depression, one of the best sun lamp models that you can start off with is the TaoTronics therapy lamp.

This model is incredible in terms of its design and amazing set of features. Beginning with 10000 lux of light intensity, this lamp is meant to boost your daily life activities and help in solving skin problems as well.

This lamp is affordable by all and gives you the power of natural sunlight. Keep yourself energized and positive all day long, with this highly recommended therapy lamp.

Keep all seasonal changes at bay by tuning to the qualities of this lamp.


12. Circadian

CircadianIf depression is making you feel all negative in life, it?s time that you treat it with the best light therapy box. This lamp comes with its own set of features, and can drastically improve your life.

Committed to improving your own well-being, this lamp regulates sleep, helps in growing positive thoughts and helps in concentrating too. This lamp has two lighting options, making it easier for you to adjust the controls, as per your situation!

This lamp is easy to install and the sharp look is highly impressive. Even for curing SAD, you can use this lamp and notice the difference. Embrace the sophistication of technology, with this therapy lamp!


13. Tress Wellness

Tress WellnessFor some personal self-rejuvenation, one of the best light therapy box reviews that you should take note of is the Tress wellness light therapy lamp.

With 10000 lux of bright light intensity, this lamp comes with ??flicker-free?? technology. Apart from improving your mood, this lamp helps in promoting good thoughts and helps in attaining inner peace.

The modern design and portability of the lamp is quite an advantage here. There are four different light modes available with this lamp, the lowest being 2500 lux.

You can keep the lamp anywhere you like, based on your situation. The incredible benefits of this therapy lamp box, combined with the budget, make it highly suitable for all potential buyers, looking forward to getting relief from depression.


14. Sakobs

SakobsA lamp that promotes positivity and keeps you happy all the time, the Sakobs Light therapy lamp gives you the best depression results. You can use this therapy lamp for suitable results.

The illumination helps in challenging the symptoms of SAD and depression and is, therefore, one of the best seasonal affective disorder lamp models that will effectively help in healing.

The best part about having this lamp is that the brightness imitates the natural sunlight and therefore, provides comfort to your eyes and skin.

This lamp doesn?t emit any form of UV rays and is healthy for the environment. It is super easy to use this lamp. It is recommended that you turn on the lamp early in the morning for the best results.


15. Philips Golite Blu Energy Light

Philips Golite Blu Energy LightFeel a little more energized with the all-new Philips GoLite BLU energy lamp. This best sad light therapy model is blessed with significant attributes, starting with UV-free LED light and 10000 Lux light intensity.

This lamp produces the best form of sunlight, giving you the best power of healing all naturally. The therapy lamp energizes you and boosts up your metabolism, to improve your performance.

This lamp can be used to treat all forms of depression and SAD symptoms. Using this lamp daily will comfort in all situations. You can cure yourself of skin issues as well.

The lamp has automatic controls too. Once the time lapses, the lamp switches off on its own! You can purchase this lamp at an inexpensive price. Stay tuned with the healing properties of this therapeutic lamp!


The Need To Understand A Light Therapy Lamp

Having the exposure of the best light therapy lamp works wonders, and effectively cures you of SAD.

However, while the symptoms of this disorder are pretty similar to depression, you need to understand the main mechanism behind using this lamp.

A therapy lamp mimics the natural outdoor light and helps in reducing the overall effect of mental stress. In fact, using this lamp can efficiently reduce excessive mood swings.

Plus, the light emitted from the lamp, triggers a simple chemical change and induces frenzied symptoms in the brain.

However, when you are buying the best therapy lamp, you should remember two important things.

  • The lamp will provide a maximum light intensity of 10000 Lux.
  • Secondly, the UV rays emitted from the lamp are very less.

Therefore, once you have the best sad lamp with you, it is necessary to understand the ways of using the product correctly. Some tips to get started with the process are listed below.

  • Generally, it is advised that as soon as you wake up in the morning, individuals should be exposed to the lightbox for at least 30 minutes. This will activate the nerve cells and prepare you for the rest of the day.
  • Make an attempt to keep the lamp at a distance of 16 to 24 inches (which is around 41 cms to 61 cms) from your face. Taking direct sunlight close enough is also not recommended.
  • Finally, do not close your eyes while you are absorbing the light from the lamp.

Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to these small details, in order to derive positive health benefits from the best sun lamp!

Common FAQs Answered About Therapy Lamps

There are certain issues that buyers come across when purchasing the best light therapy lamp. Thus, all your major concerns are thoroughly addressed below.

1. Are Lightboxes And Therapy Lamps Specifically Used For Sad?

No. Therapy lamps are used for varied purposes and it is not specifically addressed for curing SAD only. Some lamps that you come across in the market are meant to cure you of skin disorders and UV related diseases too. Also, individuals suffering from depression can use the lamp to attain perfect results. Therefore, the best sad lamps are not limited to cure only one particular issue, but many!

2. What Is The Brightness Scale Of The Lamp?

Most lightboxes and therapy lamps have strong intensity, but they vary with the model. Therefore, buyers looking for high intensity can compare with low-intensity ones, just to check out the difference. However, a typical therapy lamp will emit an intensity of 10000 lux.

3. Does The Lamp Release UV Light?

The lamps that are designed to treat SAD, emit all forms of UV, thereby keeping you free from its contact. In case you are interested to know more about UV rays emission, you can read the user manual that comes with the packaging.

4. What About Eye Damage?

The best light therapy lamp can protect your eyes from potential damage from UV rays. None of the lightboxes are meant to harm you in any manner possible. Therefore, if you need some help in selecting the right lamp, take some advice from your doctor. Also, some boxes are meant to heal eye issues like cataract, glaucoma as well.

5. What Is The Most Suitable Style For Therapy Lamps?

Since therapy lamps are available in all shapes and sizes, you have to be a little particular about your purchase. Lamps with varied features have their own style. Thus, in order to absorb the merits of the lamp, carefully choose a model that seems convenient for you.

6. What Is The Right Location For Keeping The Lamp?

Finally, there is no fixed location for you to keep the best sad lights. Since you should use the lamp daily, keep it in a place that is quite handy. In addition to that, check the length of the lamp and its overall size. Plus, check the information supplied by the manufacturer, so that you receive adequate light from the right distance.

Best Light Therapy Lamps – The Final Conclusion

There are various perks attached to the usage of the best light therapy lamp. Apart from curing individuals of all symptoms of SAD and depression, this lamp also heals other mental illnesses as well.

Therefore, this product illuminates your mind, thereby getting rid of all negative thoughts. In other words, using this lamp as a natural form of therapy is convenient for various individuals.

By using this best sad light every morning, you will feel a new kind of energy overpowering your mind. Therefore, get rid of all winter blues and stay mentally strong, as you grab hold of the best therapy lamp at an affordable price range!

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