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Best Christmas Lights 2020: Reviews & Buyer?s Guide

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1. Twinkle Star2. Everglow3. Noma Inliten Mini
Twinkle Star 300 LED Best Christmas LightEverglow 100 White Wire LightNoma Inliten Mini Light Set

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. The festival brings with it joy, colors and a lot of fun. No Christmas is complete without decorations and a Christmas tree. When we think of decorations, you simply cannot ignore the beautiful lights to brighten your house and your Christmas tree each year.

There are various kinds of Christmas lights you can invest in. Whether you are looking to decorate your Christmas tree, or whether you are aiming at making your front yard look like the most festive one on the lane, there is no denying that investing in the best Christmas light play an important role in decoration.


Thankfully, there are many options you can choose from when it comes to investing in the right Christmas lights for your home. Whether you are looking to light up the inside of your house or outside, you need to consider various factors before you invest in Christmas lights this season.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Best Christmas Lights

If you are excited about the festive season, but you have no idea where to begin shopping for Christmas lights, then here are a few factors you may want to consider before investing in the best Christmas lights.

1. Types Of Christmas Lights

You need to first decide what kind of Christmas lights you want to invest in, so that you can look for the right kind of lights while shopping. While some people prefer LED lights, others look for large bulbs instead. There is also the option of choosing between all-white lights versus multicolored lights.

You also need to take into consideration how many lights you will need in order to complete your decoration and the amount of energy it will consume. Once you have narrowed down the details, you can then choose the best Christmas tree lights. Here are some of the most popular light choices.

  • LED Lights

LED lights are the most popular lights available during Christmas. They come in different shapes and are known to be long-lasting. You get them in different colors as well.

  • Mini String Lights

Just like LED lights, these lights have been the most popular choice for many decades. This is what we often refer to as Christmas lights.

  • Wide Angle Mini LED light

If you are looking for something more Christmas-y ,then these Wide Angle Mini LED lights will blend in perfectly with your Christmas tree for your outdoor decoration.

2. Large Bulb

If you have a big Christmas tree or you plan on going grand with your outdoor decorations, then these large bulbs will add some light and color to the decorative and festive feel.

3. Animated Color-Changing Lights

These lights are one of the best lights when it comes to grabbing the attention of others and making a statement. They work best when placed outdoors.

4. Net Light

These lights have now become very popular. You get them in various shapes and colors. This can work great as a backdrop for your Christmas tree.

5. Rope Light

These lights come inside a tube or a rope, and this makes it easy for you to twist and turn them any way you like. If you want to plan to write ?Merry Christmas? using these lights, it would be a smart choice.

6. Electric, Solar or Battery Operated

You also need to consider how your lights would be powered. You can get lights powered by electricity or by solar power and in some cases, even battery operated. The cost of the lights would vary for each of these.

7. Number Of Lights

The string of lights comes in various sizes. The size that you pick depends on your preference. The count starts from 100 lights in a single string and can go up to as many lights as you want. Picking multiple strings consisting of 100 lights each seems to be the smartest choice.

Now that we have listed down some of the factors to consider before purchasing your Christmas lights, let’s take a look at the most popular items you should consider purchasing this festive season.

Top 15 Best Christmas Lights 2020

1. Twinkle Star 300 LED

Twinkle Star 300 LED Best Christmas LightIf you are looking for curtain string lights that will look perfect as a backdrop for your Christmas tree, then these string LED lights are perfect for the Christmas season. These lights have over 9000 positive ratings on Amazon, confirming that it is one of the best products to invest in. These lights are easy to use and you don’t have to struggle to put them up or take them down once the festive season is over.

These lights come at a budget-friendly price, and the fact that they are so loved on Amazon makes it a product you must have this season.

They add a sense of charm to the area that it decorates and since there are 300 lights on a string, they look quite bright. It comes with an easy buckle that you can set as per your choice. Apart from the fact that you can put it up in a straight line, you can also curl it around a certain area, in case you want to make the place look more beautiful.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality product
  • Covers a large space


  • Cannot be used on a Christmas tree

2. Everglow 100 White Wire Light

Everglow 100 White Wire LightChristmas brings about a nostalgic feeling, and during this time we tend to go back to our childhood memories. If you enjoyed decorating your home with the typical white Christmas lights, then these Everglow clear white lights are the best Christmas lights for you.

These lights will take you back to your childhood where you spent time decorating your Christmas tree with your family and loved ones. The typical shape of these Christmas lights will remind you of the festive season like no other lights available in the market.

It comes in a pack of a hundred clear white lights that give you a warm feeling of Christmas. These lights are not very close to each other, which make it convenient for you to decorate large spaces since it’s quite a long wire.

The total length of the wire is about 20 feet. You also get sufficient space to connect these wires to an electric circuit without running out of wire or having to use an extension board. The product is budget-friendly and has some great reviews on Amazon to back it up.


  • Traditional Christmas lights
  • Long space to connect to the circuit
  • Large and bright


  • One color

3. Noma Inliten Mini Light Set

Noma Inliten Mini Light SetWhile some people like to add color to their Christmas trees when they purchase lights, some prefer the warm white lights blending in perfectly with the different colored decorations added to the tree. If you are the latter, then this amazing set of Christmas lights is exactly what you are looking for.

The warm white color blends perfectly with your tree, thereby making it stand out like never before. Even if you have a large Christmas tree, you will conveniently manage to cover it up perfectly since you get 300 lights to work with.

One of the best things about these best Christmas lights is that it has a green base that cannot be seen when you put it on the Christmas tree. All one would notice are the lights and it will look as if the lights are a part of the Christmas tree.

These lights are long-lasting and budget-friendly. They happen to be one of the most popular Christmas lights on Amazon and this is confirmed by the many positive reviews people have left for this product.


  • Perfect blend in for Christmas trees
  • A large number of lights
  • Budget-friendly


  • If you have a very large tree, it will take you a long time to wrap the lights around the tree

4. Joomer

JoomerIf you are worried about consuming too much electricity during the festive season, then these solar string lights are something you should consider investing in. These amazing LED lights are outdoor lights that work perfectly to decorate your front yard during the festive season.

They are solar powered, which means you don’t have to worry about connecting them to an electric circuit and you can use them anywhere in your front yard without looking for a plug point.

Apart from the fact that these lights are energy-efficient, they are long-lasting, and once you purchase them, you won?t need to worry about purchasing new lights for a long time. These are waterproof string lights, which means you won’t need to worry about your garden hose or your sprinklers turning on and spoiling the lights during the festive season.

These solar-powered lights are extremely budget-friendly, making them one of the best lights to choose this season. Since they are multicolored, they add a beautiful look to your home. This is an Amazon Choice product with a high number of positive reviews.


  • Solar-powered lights
  • 8 operation modes
  • 72 feet long string


  • Will not work in very cold areas where the sun doesn?t shine brightly through the day

5. Prextex 100 White Wire Light

Prextex 100 White Wire LightIf you are looking for the best Christmas lights that will last you a long time, then this is a great product to invest in. Apart from the fact that it comes at an amazing price, it also has great reviews on Amazon. These lights are perfect for Christmas and the minute you look at the lights, you will realize just how nice you feel.

These lights have the same design as what people used many years ago, and adding it to your Christmas tree will bring out a sense of emotion that makes you feel warm. These lights are exactly what Christmas demands, and it makes your decoration complete. Whether you want to add it to your Christmas tree or surround your Nativity scene, these are the kind of lights you would want, because they add a sense of warmth and class.

It also ensures that the actual area where you added the lights becomes the center of attraction, rather than the lights taking over the area. These are 500 lights, so if you need to cover bigger areas you may want to consider investing in multiple strings.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Warm Christmas feeling
  • Long-lasting


  • One color

6. Prextex 100 Green Wire Light

Prextex 100 Green Wire LightThis product is exactly what traditional Christmas is all about. Neatly set in a green wire, these amazing clear Christmas lights are perfect for your Christmas tree, as well as your outdoor decoration.

This hundred lights set has amazing reviews on Amazon and most customers who purchased the product have confirmed that it’s a long-lasting product and is worth investing in.

This product is budget-friendly, traditional, and durable. At the end of the day, what more does one need from Christmas lights? It also comes with 2 extra bulbs and replacement fuse in case the lights go bad.

It has an easy-to-use string setup that you can wrap around almost anything you want. The lights are in the traditional Christmas light shape and this is exactly what one looks for during Christmas.

If you are looking for no-fuss white Christmas lights, then these lights will add class to your d?cor. In case you have to cover large areas, you may want to consider investing in more than one string of lights. The lights are also symmetrical, which makes it a great investment.


  • Traditional Christmas lights
  • Green wire for complete coverage
  • Medium bulb size


  • Runs a little short in length

7. Twinkle Star 100 LED

Twinkle Star 100 LEDNo Christmas is complete without stars. If you’re bored of the same lights used for Christmas over and over again then it’s time for you to switch to the best Christmas tree lights. These classy LED lights are an amazing upgrade to boring Christmas lights.

In case you are short on decorations, you no longer need to stress about investing in new ornaments at the last minute. All you need to do is neatly wrap your tree with these beautiful lights and it will look like the ornaments on your tree have begun to glow. This budget-friendly 100 piece LED lights set is worth investing in.

The lights are long-lasting and they are quite bright. They can be used as indoor as well as outdoor lights. The reviews on Amazon confirm that these are one of the best lights to invest in. It is a popular item that people love. Apart from using it on your Christmas tree, you can decorate various areas in your home and make it look beautiful with the best Christmas lights.


  • Star-shaped
  • Multipurpose
  • Long-lasting


  • Available only in a hundred light variant

8. Holiday Wonderland’s Mini Multi Color

Holiday Wonderland's Mini Multi ColorThese tiny multicolored lights are an amazing investment when it comes to decorating your home this Christmas. Not only do these best LED Christmas lights look beautiful, but they also add a sense of warmth and color to your home and your Christmas tree.

These budget-friendly lights come in a neat line that you can use over your Christmas tree and various other places in your home.

The lights are not too bright to take away from the beauty of any of the decorations you have put up or even your Christmas tree. The lights come in two strings of 150 lights each, which makes it easy for you to use them together or separately, depending on what you would like to do.

If you have a small space, you can use the lights separately and you can also put them together in case the spaces are larger.

These best Christmas lights come packed in a green wire, which makes it convenient to conceal the wiring, in case you plan on placing it on your tree. This gives your tree a more illuminated feel and it looks like the lights are part of the actual tree.


  • Multi-color tiny lights
  • Budget-friendly
  • 2 strings of 150 lights each


  • You will need multiple strings in case you want to cover a large area

9. Pms LED String Lights

Pms LED String LightsIf you’re looking for lights that have multiple features, then this amazing LED string of lights is exactly what you are looking for. The lights have eight functions, so you can choose one that you think lines up perfectly with your d?cor. This is a large 75-foot string that can be used to cover up large areas conveniently.

There is a control box that allows you to change the functions depending on what you want to set it to. The lights can be used outdoors, but they are not too bright. This makes it perfect for an indoor setting.

This is a popular product on Amazon and has many 4.5-star ratings which confirm that the product is of good quality and safe to invest in. It is budget-friendly and in high demand, and most of all it is a long-lasting product.

These are the best LED Christmas lights that can be used in various places, including decorating your Christmas tree, as well as in the front yard. With various functions, you can always make sure you stand out, when it comes to your designs and colors.


  • Extra-long string
  • 8 options to change functions
  • Pretty fairy lights


  • Difficult to wrap around, considering how long it is

10. Jmexsuss 100 LED

Jmexsuss 100 LEDIf you love string lights, then these are the perfect kind of lights for you this Christmas. These amazing 100 LED lights are neatly fitted into a 49.2 feet string and will add a sense of class to your Christmas spirit. You can use these lights indoors as well as outdoors, depending on where you want to add them.

While they look perfect on a Christmas tree, that’s not the only place you can hang up these lights. These are the best Christmas lights to buy on Amazon and have a ton of reviews, confirming that it is one of the most loved products you will find.

One of the best things about these lights is the versatility and the fact that you can use it for almost any space in your home during Christmas. Just adding these lights alone will create a sense of warmth, and festivities will begin to flow in no time. These lights are budget-friendly and long-lasting, which is something everyone looks for when investing in Christmas Lights.


  • Beautiful white color
  • Long 49.2 feet string
  • Versatile


  • The lights are not very bright

11. Dephen LED with Remote

Dephen LED with RemoteEverything today can be controlled by a remote. Why should it be any different when it comes to the best Christmas lights to buy? These amazing LED string lights come with a remote control that not only allows you to switch the lights on and off, but also enables you to set a timer for the lights, so you don’t have to worry about switching them off and on regularly.

This 200 set of LED lights comes in a long 72-foot ring. These are perfect for indoors as well as outdoors, and it makes it convenient for you to enjoy your lights at the same time every day. There are various timer functions and you can choose whichever one you think is convenient for you.

This is a string of only white lights that you can either put up on your Christmas tree or around your home. The lights can also be added outside and since they are waterproof, you don’t need to worry about it coming in contact with a little water.

Amazon has some amazing reviews about this product and people have been extremely satisfied with this remote controlled LED string of lights.


  • Remote control function
  • 72-feet long
  • Indoor and outdoor decoration


  • Available only in one color

12. Ollny Christmas Lights

If you do not like to connect multiple strings of lights because you don’t have many mini-circuits to connect them, then these best outdoor LED Christmas lights that come in a long string of 330 feet are perfect for your home. These lights are best used outdoors, since it is easy to cover up your entire fence or the roof of your home using this one string of light.

This is a remote controlled light set that makes it very convenient for you to operate the lights whenever you wish. They have various functions that make it very simple to use, and since you can even set a timer on the lights, you don’t need to run to 10 places to switch the light on and off.

You never need to stress about the overheating of the wires or the lights. These beautiful white lights add a classy festive feel to your Christmas holidays, and they complete your decoration with class and style.

This is a budget-friendly product that has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers enjoy using these lights as decoration around the home or even around the fence.


  • Single string
  • 800 LED light
  • Remote control


  • One color

13. Twinkle Star 200 LED

Twinkle Star 200 LEDThese beautiful multicolored best outdoor LED Christmas lights are exactly what you need to complete your festive d?cor. These lights add life and work well indoors as well as outdoors.

They are all low voltage lights and although they shine brightly, they don’t take away from the actual decoration around your home or your Christmas tree. These lights are beautiful to look at.

They are long-lasting and have an adaptor to control the heat. The multicolored lights are very popular on Amazon, and people highly appreciate its budget-friendly price as well as its long-lasting service.

If you purchase these lights then you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time. Since they are multicolored, they are very versatile and apart from using them on your Christmas tree, you can even consider decorating the outdoors of your home using them.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Multicolor
  • Long-lasting


  • Single strand makes it difficult to decorate

14. Twinkle Star 200 LED 66ft

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66ftWhile there are various kinds of lights one can invest in, there is nothing better than this set. One of the major reasons why lights are so popular is because they are very classy to look at and irrespective of what kind of d?cor you are opting for, these lights blend in perfectly and create the most classic ambience you can imagine.

This string of 200 LED lights neatly placed on a 66-foot string is a versatile Christmas d?cor that can be used for various purposes.

Whether you want to use these lights to decorate your Christmas tree, or you want to set them around your house to add a sense of warmth and festive touch, these lights will be perfect.

These lights are warm and beautiful and with the various colorful decorations in your home, they will blend in perfectly.

It has various functions that you can choose and operate, depending on what you would like the lights of your house to do. These lights can be used indoors as well as outdoors depending on what you want them for and they will work just as well. This is a popular product on Amazon and has a lot of positive reviews.


  • Beautiful white warm design
  • 8 functions
  • Long-lasting


  • May be a little small

15. Jiamaoww Indoor String Lights

Jiamaoww Indoor String LightsWhat is Christmas without a little color or fun? These beautiful multicolored starry string lights are exactly what you need to complete your Christmas d?cor and make it look like a dream come true.

The budget-friendly best LED Christmas tree lights run on a string of around 49 feet.
You can use these versatile lights for various places in your home. This is a popular product on Amazon, and customers have stated that they have had no complaints with these lights whatsoever.

When you invest in a good quality product, it shows in terms of its functionality, as well as durability. This beautiful string of multicolored LED lights are versatile and flexible and you can use it to create various shapes as well as designs.

You can use the light to create a big star outside your home, or go in a curvy pattern around the fence to make it look pretty. There are various modes on this string of lights that you can select depending on what you think looks best for your home.


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Multicolor


  • Simple fairy lights

FAQs on Christmas Lights

1. How To Choose The Best Lights For Christmas?

Since there are different kinds of Christmas lights available, it could always confuse you. If you want to make sure your choice is right then you need to understand what you are looking for. Always go through the various kinds of lights available, and see which one suits your needs perfectly. You can also choose a combination of two or more lights to make your home look beautiful during the festive season.

2. Which Lights Should I Pick? White Or Multicolored?

The debate on whether white lights or multicolored ones are better is ongoing. It is recommended that you decide which one is better based on the kind of decoration and ornaments you are using. If your ornaments are brightly colored and you have a lot of them, then using white lights is the best idea.

However, if you have more subtle tones around your house, then multicolored lights will do the trick. Similarly, if the exterior of your home is white then white lights will not blend in as well as multicolored lights will. This is why you should make your choice based on what you feel will blend in with the d?cor better.

3. Should I Go For Battery-operated Or Solar-powered Lights Or Stick To Electric Ones?

Until recently, electric lights were the only kind of lights available. However, these days you also have the choice between battery operated lights and solar-powered ones. Solar-powered lights work well in areas where there is bright sunshine during the day, so that your lights can power up.

If you live in extremely cold climatic conditions where there is not much sun exposure then the solar-powered lights won?t get the kind of power they are looking for and they won’t work. Battery operated lights are always a little difficult to operate, since you constantly have to change the batteries, and this is no easy task.

Best Christmas Lights – What’s your pick?

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. It also happens to be the most colorful, vibrant time of the year for everyone. Adding the best LED Christmas tree lights to your homes is something you should spend a lot of time planning.

Your Christmas decorations are incomplete without lights, and without making the right light choice, you may end up wondering what it would be like if you had invested in the product you researched about.

We have given you some of the top choices on Amazon. Now all you have to do is see which of these lights suit your needs perfectly, so you can go ahead and order them for yourself!

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