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Best Ring Lights 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

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1. Qiaya2. Neewer3. Auxiwa
Qiaya Best Ring LightNeewer 18? Ring Light KitAuxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

When it comes to producing quality video content, lighting is the most important factor to keep in mind.

Perfectly illuminating the background while emphasizing the features of the ones who are posing is vital to creating balanced images. This means that finding and acquiring the best ring light is vital for video and photo content.

Ring light model is somewhat new when compared to other lighting solutions. The fact that the design is young also makes the products considerably more expensive when compared to other lamps.

Those who want the best ring light but are on a budget will have to understand exactly what these devices can do and which features they will actively benefit from.


Overall, there is more to finding the best product for you than only looking for the most popular product. Some models are designed to cater to the needs of YouTubers and have more features that focus on enhancing videos, while others are better for various types of photography. Some are specially made to have a color tone that brings your room to life.

In this guide, we will look at the main types of ring lights and the standard features that they come with, but we will also explain how specific functions can help make your job easier and enhance the quality of your content.

Also, below you will find a few tips that first-time owners can use to get the most out of their new purchase.

What Are The Best Uses For A Ring Light?

Ring lights are particularly new in terms of video content lighting solutions; however, they are based on concepts that have been in use for several decades. Having said this, here are a few things that you can do with a ring light.

1. Makeup Videos

Ring lights are composed of multiple high-powered LEDs that can quickly light the entire face without distorting your features. Furthermore, the fact that they are placed in a ring means that every section of the face will receive the same amount of illumination and the colors of the products and pigments will always translate on film correctly;

2. Youtube Videos, Shorts, And Other Similar Content

Ring lights are great for videos that contain a lot of facial movements like the ones usually posted on YouTube. Using traditional one-bulb lights can cast a lot of shadows that do not look great when trying to film a daily.

These are particularly troublesome when moving as they move with you and continuously change their shape. The best ring lights on the market can not only eliminate this problem but also enhance the look of the skin and bring out the color of your eyes, making the scene more vibrant;

3. Photography

Although it may not be apparent, almost all types of photography can benefit from using ring lights. These not only eliminate shadows but cast equal amounts of light over the object or person that they are pointed at, making them great if you want to make certain features or characteristics stand out;

4. A Ring Light Is The Best Lighting Solution For Any Type Of Filming

Ring lights are universally useful when it comes to video content. The devices offer a lot of flexibility and are extremely easy to use. Unlike traditional illumination solutions, these rarely break down and do not require any sort of assembly other than mounting them to a camera.

One of the best ring light features is the fact that the lamps can be attached to a wide variety of devices so that they can be used in any scenario. You can mount them on cameras, or a tripod. Furthermore, depending on what you attach them to, they can have very different effects.

Ring lights mounted on cameras illuminate evenly and prevent facial features from casting shadows. Their light is also reflected in the eyes and creates the famous ?light-ring? effect on the iris, primarily drawing the viewer?s attention to them.

On the other hand, placing the lamp on a stand and pointing it towards your face from any angle other than the front will emulate the light cast from a high-powered spotlight.

This sort of effect can be obtained with other types of bulkier, larger lamps; however, the light will not be evenly dispersed like in the case of the ring lights.

When it comes to details, ring lights are designed to emphasize even the smallest facial features while gently covering defects.

Our skin is slightly translucent, and placing a ring light in front of our faces can easily cover up pimples and wrinkles. This is extremely useful to Youtubers since they tend to move a lot, and this requires a lamp that will cast the same amount of light even if they move a few inches to the left or the right.

Ring lights may not seem to be particularly rugged. However, they contain LEDs, which are known for their durability.

While lightbulbs are sensitive to impacts, LEDs won?t be damaged if they are dropped or if they are used in humid environments.

The LED technology has come a long way in the last decade, and devices that use it are now just as bright ? if not brighter ? than specially designed lightbulbs. This makes ring lights great to everyone, not just individuals who create their content in a studio.

They can be taken on location and used in below-freezing temperatures, or you can mount one on your camera and go to the beach and film a couple of beautiful nighttime videos.

What To Look For In A Quality Of Best Ring Light?

As with other similar products, not all ring lamps are created equal, and choosing the right one will require that you understand the features of these products. Here is what you will have to keep in mind when looking for the best ring light.

1. Budged Models Can Be Just As Good As Premium Ones

This one is important to remember regardless of what kind of equipment you are looking to buy. Budget ring lights can be as good as expensive ones, especially if you are just starting out making videos and need money for other equipment as well;

2. Choose The Right One For You

There are two main types of ring lights: LED models and fluorescent ones. Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one can make a tremendous difference in how your content looks. Price-wise, they are somewhat similar;

3. Consider What You Need It For

The size of ring lights varies greatly. There are models small enough to be attached to a smartphone and used for selfies, but there are also products that require a tripod to support them.

If you do a lot of vlogging while on the go, look for a model that has a high degree of compatibility with smartphones and small cameras such as GoPros. Otherwise, choose the one that fits with the rest of your equipment;

  • Check the compatibility of the model ? Ring lights are designed to cater to the needs of several groups of people. While most models will be compatible with almost any smartphone or DSLR camera, some products are made to complement certain devices specifically. Buying one of these can be a waste of money if you do not have the camera that the lamp was made for.
  • Check the battery ? Most ring lights run on batteries, and their operation time can range from a few hours to half a day. Get a device that suits your style of filming. For example, 3 hours is usually enough if you vlog while on the road, however, you will need considerably more juice if you need to record a couple of 50-60-minute YouTube videos.

4. Weight Is Always A Factor

Most people tend to forget how important the weight of a lamp can be. This is especially true in the case of models that attach to your phone or DSLR camera because you will need to hold both the device, as well as the lamp, for extended periods. Look for a light lamp if you move around a lot.

On the other hand, you can choose a heavier model if you plan to place the camera with the ring light attached, on a tripod.

5. Features

There are a few features that you should always keep in mind, such as the ability to set the intensity of the light, to change the color of the LEDs, and the type of tech used for the device (LED or fluorescent).

Led Ring Lights Vs Fluorescent Ones

There are two main types of ring lights, and each of them can help create very different content in terms of aesthetics.

  • LED ring lights – Models that use LEDs are better at directing the light towards the front of the device and cast a pink shade that helps the skin look healthier and more natural. This makes it great for individuals who have white skin, and for makeup videos that require neutral light that will not distort the pigments.
  • Fluorescent ring lights – These emit light that is more diffused than their LED counterparts. Furthermore, light has a greenish tint that may slightly distort makeup colors and pigments. The green tint, however, can be great if you have very pink skin as it will help make it look a bit paler.

These are largely the same in terms of pricing and battery life, so you simply have to choose the one that works the best for you. Also, you can find LED models as well as fluorescent ring lights that are compatible with almost any type of camera and smartphone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ring Light?

Purchasing the best ring light won?t mean that your content will automatically be better. You have to understand how to use the lamp to get the results that you want.

First of all, make sure that you choose the right type of ring light. Video equipment should be treated as an investment, and it is usually better to spend more money on a device that can do more things.

When it comes to ring lights, you may want to get a product that can be attached to a wider variety of cameras, but that is also powerful enough to use on a stand, from farther away. This will give you more flexibility in terms of lighting options, regardless of where you?re filming.

Larger batteries are the way to go if you can afford ring lights that have them. The chances are that you will need to film longer videos, at some point, and the extra juice will be extremely useful.

If you are filming with the lamp on and it runs out of battery, the only option is to wait until it recharges. Trying to resume without it will be noticeable due to how the light is projected from these devices.

Lastly, keep in mind that ring lights do not necessarily have to be placed directly in front of you and pointed straight to your face. Also, they are great for illuminating things other than faces.

If you have a YouTube DIY channel, you can use it to light your workspace by placing it directly above your hands.

Unlike a regular lamp, which tends to focus a massive amount of light in a small area, the ring light can ?shower? the workspace, making it easy for the camera to capture details and movement without having to readjust the brightness levels constantly.

When filming yourself, aiming the ring light towards your face but placing it to the right or the left of the camera can help accentuate various facial features. The light that these lamps cast is diffuse so that skin imperfection won?t appear as bumps.

Top 16 Best Ring Lights 2020

1. Qiaya Selfie Ring Light

Qiaya Best Ring LightsA small ring LED ring light that fits on your smartphone. This small, powerful device from QIAYA is one of the best ring lights for those who want a portable model that will work with any smartphone.

The model comes with a built-in battery, so your phone will not discharge faster while using it. Furthermore, it is compatible with any type of smartphone and can be recharged using the included USB cable.


  • High compatibility ? The selfie ring will work with almost any type of smartphone. The device does not require any sort of app to use it. Just attach it and start taking selfies
  • Integrated battery ? The integrated battery is great because you can use the ring light without worrying that it will discharge your phone
  • Easy to recharge ? Depending on your phone, you may be able to use the same charging cable to recharge the ring as well

2. Neewer 18? Ring Light Kit

Neewer 18? Ring Light KitA complete kit that contains everything needed to start recording right away. Most lighting solutions require cables and other accessories to be truly useful.

The Ring Light Kit from Neewer comes with everything that you need to start filming immediately after taking it out of the box.

The model comes with a tripod, a power adapter, a smartphone holder, a ball head hot shoe adapter, a carrying case, and white and orange color filters.


  • All-in-one ? The package contains everything that you need to use the light out of the box, in addition to filters and a durable carrying case;
  • Adapters galore ? The kit comes with adapters for both DSLR cameras as well as smartphones;
  • Remote control ? The lamp can be controlled using a smartphone app. However, those who use their phone to record can use the included remote to change the intensity of the light.

3. Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring LightA large selfie ring light that is easy to attach to any type of phone. The Selfie Ring Light from AUXIWA is considerably larger than other clip-on models and provides much more light when compared to other similar products.

The light contains 36 LEDs and a rechargeable battery that can power the device for several hours. One of the main features that sets the AUXIWA Selfie Ring Light apart from other models is the fact that it is bright enough to be used with the rear camera as well.


  • Selfies and videos ? The ring light can be used for selfies taken with the front camera, but is also powerful enough to provide great illumination while filming with the rear one;
  • Great battery ? The battery is large enough to keep the light on even during long video sessions.

4. Mactrem 6? LED Ring Light

Mactrem 6? LED Ring LightA ring light that is specifically designed for creating YouTube content. The kit from MACTREM may not seem like much, but it contains everything that you need if you intend to start creating content for YouTube.

The model is designed to be mounted on the included tripod; however, it does also come with a separate mount for your phone.

One of the best things about this model is the accuracy with which you can control the lighting. The device features 11 light settings and three different color temperature settings.


  • Accurate light settings ? The 11 light-level settings are more than enough for any type of scenario;
  • Customizable light temperature ? The ability to choose between white, warm yellow and warm white color temperature makes the model one of the best buy ring lights for individuals who create a wide variety of video content.

5. Neewer Rl-12 LED 14? Ring Light

Neewer Rl-12 LED 14? Ring LightA kit that contains a ring light that?s great for desktop setups. Measuring 14 inches in diameter, the NEEWER RL-12 Ring Light is a great tool to have for both YouTubers, as well as for content creators who travel a lot.

It is a relatively small size when packed makes the light extremely useful if you do not want to carry bulky lamps around.

The model is designed to be easy to pack and to take up as little space as possible, so it is a good choice if you have projects that require you to travel a lot.

The package is a complete kit and contains everything from a carrying case to temperature filters, adapters for various devices and tripods.


  • Easy to pack and carry ? The package contains everything that you could need, from DSLR and phone mounds to tripods and filters, and everything can be packed in a couple of moments;
  • Useful remote ? This is not a desktop ring light. It?s large and should be placed farther away from you. The included remote control is a great addition if you want to film using your phone and cannot access the controls of the ring light using the app.

6. Neewer 18? SMD LED Ring Light

Neewer 18? SMD LED Ring LightA large ring light that is perfect for makeup and fully-fledged cinematographic filming. The 18? SMD LED Ring Light from NEEWER is the beefed-up version of the 14? variant.

The lamp is large enough to illuminate a very large area and can-do wonders if placed further away.

As with the previous version, this model comes as a kit, so it will contain a wide variety of accessories and adapters that makes it compatible with almost any type of smartphone and DSLR camera.


  • Mounts and adapters are included ? The package comes with a tripod as well as mounts for both phones as well as DSLR cameras;
  • Versatile filters ? The included light temperature filters can make the ring light useful for both makeup videos as well as vlogs.

7. Inkeltech 18-inch Ring Light

Inkeltech 18-inch Ring LightA dimmable 60W ring light that comes with several color temperature settings. Considered to be one of the best ring light for streaming, this behemoth from INKELTECH comes with an astounding number of presets that allow you to fine-tune the brightness and the color temperature until you find the perfect balance for your videos.

The ring light can also be powered by batteries, making it great to take on location and comes with a tripod and mounts for phones and cameras.


  • Several presets to choose from ? The light comes with seven color temperature settings as well as the ability to fine-tune the brightness of the LEDs;
  • Mobile ? The fact that the model can be both plugged into an outlet and powered by batteries makes it great for any type of project, regardless of location. If you need to film a video outside, simply pack it up, put it in your car and make sure that you have spare batteries;

8. Ubeesize 10? Selfie Ring Light

Ubeesize 10? Selfie Ring LightA ring light that?s designed primarily for makeup videos. The UBEESIZE 10? Selfie Ring Light is small when compared to other models. However, the lamp was designed specifically for makeup videos, and it will take very little space on your desk.

The device only supports smartphones, but other than that, it comes with all the bells and whistles of other products, such as an included tripod, a remote control, color temperature, and light intensity settings, etc.


  • Small and easy to carry ? Measuring only 10 inches, the lamp is easy to carry and will fit even on a cluttered desk;
  • Lifetime service ? UBEESIZE offers a 3-year replacement warranty and lifetime service, so if anything, ever happens, you?re covered

9. Aixpi 10? Desktop Ring Light

Aixpi 10? Desktop Ring LightA small and affordable Ring Light that can be used for makeup as well other YouTube videos. The AIXPI 10-inch model is great if you need a ring light but are on a budget. It may not be as large as other lamps in this list.

But it comes with three color temperature modes and ten brightness settings. Also, the package includes a remote control and a tripod that can be extended to 66.9 inches.


  • Great for beginners ? The model is extremely affordable, but does not sacrifice the basic quality of life features such as the remote control and the ability to change the color temperature of the LEDs.
  • Multifunctional tripod ? The tripod can also be used as a selfie stick and will work with both Apple as well as Android phones.

10. Aixpi 10? Desk Makeup Ring Light

Aixpi 10? Desk Makeup Ring LightA cheap ring light that is designed specifically for makeup videos. The ability to accurately control the color temperature of the lighting is invaluable when creating recording makeup videos, and this model from AIXPI offers a lot of flexibility in this regard.

While the lamp does not support batteries and must be connected to a USB outlet or a computer, it does cost a lot less than other similar products.


  • USB Powered ? The ring light is must be powered using a USB cable, which means that you can use anything from a power bank to a laptop or computer to power it;
  • Small and portable ? Its 10-inch size turns the light into a great lighting solution for those who like to travel regularly;

11. Mountdog 18? Ring Light Kit

Mountdog 18? Ring Light KitA large 55W ring light that?s got Bluetooth capability. One of the most popular ring lights around, this model from MOUNTDOG, is essentially a kit that contains everything that you will ever need to take care of lighting when you film.

The included light filters make it great for any type of content, including makeup videos and streaming. Also, the brightness of the LEDs can be accurately set to any value between 1-100, making the lamp useful for filming during any time of day.


  • Included mounts ? The kit comes with mounts for both phones and DSLR cameras;
  • Foldable design ? The whole kit can be packed in under 10 minutes thanks to its foldable design;

12. Ivisii 18? Dimmable Ring Light Kit

Ivisii 18? Dimmable Ring Light KitA powerful, dimmable ring light kit designed for professional use. Designed to be compatible with a wide variety of filming devices, the IVISII is large, powerful, and perfectly suited for professionals who need al all-in-one package to help them with all their lighting needs.

The package comes with a stand, adapters for phones and cameras, power adapters, filters, and a carrying case.


  • Stepless dimming ? Dimming the LEDs is very subtle so it can be done mid-filming without it being obvious that you lowered the intensity;
  • Tools included ? All the tools required to get the light up and running are included in the package;
  • Useful for full-body shots ? The amount of light that the ring light casts is enough for full-body shots, as well;

13. Diva 18? Ring Light

Diva 18? Ring LightA premium, powerful ring light that comes with many quality-of-life features. Many consider this to be the best ring light for YouTube videos due to the advanced tech that it features.

The ring light comes with all the bells and whistles that other products have. However, it also has a few additional accessories and features such as a diffusion cloth, a high-frequency ballast that helps eliminate flickering, and cool-running lights that generate very little heat.


  • No flickering ? The lights will not flicker regardless of what framerate you choose to record videos at, making it ideal for YouTubers and streamers;
  • Great for photoshoots ? The cool-running lights are great for long photoshoots as they won?t heat the room even after a couple of hours;

14. Yesker 10.2? Selfie Dimmable Ring Light

Yesker 10.2? Selfie Dimmable Ring LightA small but powerful ring light that comes with 120 premium SMD LEDs. One of the main things that set this YESKER model apart from others is the fact that it can generate a surprisingly large amount of light for its size.

Considered to be one of the best ring lights for makeup and vlogging videos, the device comes with three light filters and a stand that can double as a selfie stick.


  • High flexibility ? The ring light is powered using a USB cable, and can be connected to anything from a laptop to a power bank, making it easy to carry it around with you while you travel;
  • Highly affordable ? The YESKER 10.2? Ring Light is one of the most affordable dimmable ring lights around, making it a good choice for anyone who is just starting out making videos;

15. Kshioe 14? Dimmable LED Ring Light

Kshioe 14? Dimmable LED Ring LightA low heat output light that is perfect for continuous filming. The KSHIOE 14? Dimmable LED Ring Light is designed to generate as little heat as possible. This makes it great for long filming sessions, especially in hot climates.

However, this model truly shines when used outdoors. The high-powered SMD LEDs provide great lighting for filming as well as photography. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers one year of warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Low heat output ? Unlike other lamps, the ring light will not cause the room to heat up even after several hours of continuous use;
  • 30-day money-back ? The guarantee is great if you don?t know if the model will fit your needs. Simply purchase it, give it a try and if you?re not satisfied return it and get another ring light;

16. Auriani 16? Ring Light Kit

Auriani 16? Ring Light KitA small, professional-grade ring light that comes with 320 LEDs. Auriani has been around for quite some time, and their 16? kit is widely known as the best ring light for video content.

The 320 LED ring light comes with several accessories, including a carry bag and a tripod. Having said this, the stand of the lamp only goes to 5.3 feet, limiting the product?s usability to desk setups.

However, the ring light itself comes with the ability to change the color temperature without using filters, and the brightness of the LEDs can be set between 1%-100%.


  • No filters ? The ring light comes with a built-in color temperature changing system, so you don?t have to worry about replacing filters while filming;
  • Compact ? The entire kit can fit in a small, easy to store travel bag, and the lamp is light enough to put in a backpack and carry around while traveling;

FAQs on Ring Lights

1. Which Ring Light Is Better, Led Or Fluorescent?

It depends on what you want to use it for. Generally speaking, LED models are the best ring lights to get if you value control.

These have great intensity control; they use less power than their fluorescent counterparts and are safer to use. Also, they can give your skin a very healthy appearance, which is invaluable if you have got a pale complexion.

They?re relatively the same in terms of pricing, weight, and compatibility, so but the batteries of the fluorescent ring lights last less than the ones of the LED models.

2. What Kind Of Lights Do Youtubers Use?

YouTubers usually choose LED ring lights because they are easier to use than fluorescent ones, and the light that they cast is more forgiving on the eyes. Most notable Youtubers choose larger lamps because they can be placed further away and still illuminate both their faces as well as the surrounding d?cor.

Models that have extremely accurate intensity settings are the most popular because they offer the most amount of flexibility when it comes to filming during different times of the day.

3. How Much Does A Ring Light Cost?

It depends, as with any other type of filming equipment. Some basic models go for as little as $20, but some premium models are priced over $300. The main factors that determine the price of the ring lights are the number of LEDs that they contain and their brightness.

Some models are designed for specific cameras. These have a somewhat unique design and are considered to be some of the most expensive ring lights available on the market.

4. How Long Do Led Ring Lights Last For?

LEDs last far longer than fluorescent light bulbs. The ones that are used for the ring lights are typically guaranteed to function for at least 100,000 hours.

This is the minimum amount of time that they will work for before they stop functioning. However, a ring light may last for over ten years if you use it for only a few hours each day and store it properly.

5. Is Led Lighting Good For Applying Makeup?

Yes, makeup pigments usually look best when under warm light and LED?s emit just that, a pinkish shade that will give your skin a healthy appearance without affecting the colors of the pigments.

LED ring lights also offer accurate intensity controls and illuminate the skin evenly, ensuring that all the makeup that you apply will get the same amount of light.

Best Ring Lights – Your pick?

Whether you?re looking for a great lamp to use for streaming, or if you need a ring light to help enhance your selfies, your best bet is to spend a bit more to get a quality device that you will be able to use the years to come.

Note that this does not mean that you should go for the most expensive model that you can find. These are usually designed for professionals.

However, if you can get a light with better battery life or more accurate light intensity controls for only $10-$20 more, they consider going the extra mile.

Most YouTubers and Twitch streamers tend to first look at the brand and types of cameras that they use and then choose ring lights that work with as many models as possible from that particular manufacturer.

The products included in this guide are popular among both Youtubers and streamers, as well as professional filmmakers.

They come from trusted manufacturers that have been making lighting solutions for filming for several years, so you?ve got the guarantee that they are durable and efficient. Which one you choose, though, will depend on your preferences, your content, and on the other gear that you have.

In the end, the best ring light is the one that you can get the most use out of, not the one that has the most advanced features or that is the most powerful. Focus on functionality rather than design and get a model that is compatible with the rest of your equipment.

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