Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights 2020: Reviews & Buyer?s Guide

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1. Litom2. Urpower3. Mr Beams
Litom Original Best Outdoor Motion Sensor LightUrpowerMr Beams MB393 300

Nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones. And, there are a number of ways in which you can make sure your house is safe and secure. One of the most recent ways that people are using to keep their houses safe is the installation of outdoor motion sensor lights.

That being said, today, we will be reviewing some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights. There are several factors such as reaction speed, brightness, etc. that you have to consider while purchasing lights for the outdoors.


However, before looking at some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights, let’s shed some light on what are the things you should consider before buying motion sensor lights.

Things To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Security Lights

1. Angle Of Light

The main motive of motion security lights is to provide a lot of light on a particular intruder. However, if the light is reflected at a bad angle, it won’t do any good to you. Moreover, make sure the light is covering a huge chunk of the area as you need to cover as much area as possible with the help of the best outdoor security lighting.

2. Type Of Light

There are several types of motion-detecting lights available in the market. You should choose the type of light that suits all your needs. As these lights are installed at high ground, you have to choose the light which can be used for the longest period of time.

And, LED lights will fulfil that need for you as they are very bright and can last for an extended time. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can always install flood lights.

3. Price

Buying a motion light which is under your budget is the most important thing to consider. As motion lights come in various price ranges starting from $50 and going above $250. So, make sure you buy a light that suits all your needs and fits in your budget.

4. Location Of Installation

Before making a purchase for an outdoor security light make sure you have enough space for installing the light at the correct place. As most of these lights are installed at higher ground.

However, if you can?t find any higher place the best option is to buy a porch light. As they can be installed easily in your yard or garage without any troubles.

6. Wired Or Battery Powered Lights

Security lights come in both wired and battery-powered models. The reason being some people hate additional wires in front of their house. As it can look bad right in front of your house. So, if you also feel like that, then you can always go for battery-powered security lights. Make sure you buy a security light with good battery backup else you will have to keep changing batteries of your security lights over and over.

7. Design Of The Lights

Lastly, you should also have a look at the various designs in which the lights are available. As it can play a huge role in where you want to install the lights. If you want to install the lights at the higher ground then a compact designed security light is best. On the other hand, if you will be installing the product in your yard or garage then you can opt for porch lights.

These were some of the best things to consider before buying security lights for your house. That being said, now let’s have a look at the best outdoor motion sensor lights.

There are a ton of security lights available out there. Thus, you can get confused while buying these products. So, we have reviewed the best motion detector lights. Let’s begin without any further delay:

Top 20 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights 2020

1. Litom Original

Litom Original Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Installing any motion detector light can take a huge toll on your electricity bill. However, using lights that run on solar energy is a great alternative for the traditional power source. LITOM Solar Lights will do just that for you, as they run on solar lights. Moreover, for one pack of these lights, it will cost you not more than $20. Considering all the positive reviews on Amazon, customers have absolutely loved this product.

Talking about the features of this product, it uses LITOM’s exclusive wide-angle lighting design to cover up to 270?. Meaning it can easily cover up to 33-36 sq ft of area. The enchanted PIR motion sensor helps in detecting any motion within 8m distance with great precision.

Thus, making it a perfect choice to install at your front door, garage or fences. Moreover, it is made from premium ABS and PP material which grants it protection from harsh weather conditions.

Adding more to its value is the battery life of this product as it can last over 30000+ hours of usage. Lastly, the high efficiency solar panel helps it in charging 25% faster than other solar lights making it one of the best motion sensor security lights.


2. Urpower


In the past few years, solar-powered lights have taken over the industry of motion detection lights. Due to that fact, every big brand is investing more money and time in manufacturing Solar lights.

That being said, URPOWER Solar Lights are one of the best motion sensor lights running on solar energy. If your budget is somewhere around $40, you can buy 3 packs of the URPOWER Solar Lights online. Moreover, Amazon reviews add more to its value.

Coming to the features of this product, the unique design of the lights makes it stand out among the other products in the same price range. The 8 LED lights design lasts longer than the other 12 LED lights system ? moreover, the automated switch aids in detecting steps in the range of 10-12 feet.

Once the motion stops, the automated switch turns the light off, saving a lot of money in a longer run. URPOWER claims the lights can last up to 5 years or 50000+ hours without changing them. And, they can get charged in 6-8 hours. Lastly, the product can stand in harsh weather conditions including excessive heat and thunderstorms.


3. Mr Beams

Mr Beams

Most people believe that LED motion lights will cost you a fortune. However, with products such as the MR Beams MB393 300, it is quite clear that LED lights can easily fit in your budget. As this product is available on Amazon for not more than $80, which is quite great considering all the features it brings with itself. Moreover, customers have loved this product as there are a ton of positive reviews about this product online.

Now, talking about the features of this product, the LED spotlight can recognize movement up to 40 feet away, naturally turning on its bulbs, which light up zones up to 400 square feet. The light turns off following 20 seconds to preserve battery power, and dependent on a normal utilization of eight to ten times every day, your batteries should keep going for about a year.

This spotlight introduces in merely minutes with the included mounting hardware. Lastly, the weatherproof design enables you to put it anywhere around your house.


4. Aootek 120

Aootek 120

The next product on our list is also a motion detector light powered by Solar Light. This is the latest product in the market by AOOTEK, and they have made some changes to make it even better than it was before. If you are looking to buy the best outdoor motion lights, then this is the one for you. As they will not cost you more than $30. Additionally, you can find several honest and positive reviews about the product on Amazon by happy customers.

Starting things off with the fact that it can detect movement from up to 26 feet away and its corner LEDs make for preferable effectiveness over past models.

It’s additionally ready to cover a more extensive separation on account of the wide-point design, and the rechargeable battery will last you for quite a while to come.

There are three activity modes to browse on this model which implies you can utilize it for various purposes, regardless of whether it’s to illuminate far away items or to simply come on at whatever point you step outside around evening time.

It’s appropriate for an open-air situation practically anywhere on the grounds as it’s waterproof, heat proof and weatherproof also.


5. Baxia Technology

Baxia Technology

If you are looking for the best security light with a motion sensor, then why not have a look at the solar lights by Baxia technology. They are a well-known brand and have manufactured some of the best products in this field over the last few years. Moreover, the products are highly affordable for the customer.

The BX-SL-101 can be yours if you have a budget of $30. When you look at all the positive reviews about the product online, they just add more to its value.

These lights include 28 powerful LEDs and a 120-degree motion edge. This empowers them to give amazing brightening with the goal to transform dull space into a brilliantly lit space. Adding to that, every one of the LEDs is secured utilizing a lampshade. Accordingly, you can anticipate that the LEDs should last more, which guarantees you of getting the best incentive for cash.

The lights expect exposure to sunlight for eight hours and highlight a No-diminish mode that expands the bulbs’ life expectancy. Also, the bulbs include a motion sensor that empowers the LEDs to illuminate when motion is identified from 3 to 5 meters. The waterproof design is another in addition to the sunlight based lights that make them an ideal expansion in open air settings.


6. Lemontec


Are you looking for the best outdoor motion sensor lights? Have a look at the solar lights by Lemontec which are perfect for protecting your loved ones from any intruders. Lemontec has done a good job by adding several great features at an affordable cost for the customer.

If you want to buy this product, it will cost you somewhere around $25, which is quite reasonable. Now, let’s head over to the specifications of the product.

The Lemontec solar lights with motion sensor come in three methods of activity which promises you the best execution from these lights. They have been made of solid and climate-safe design with the goal that you get the incentive for your cash. The battery has a limit of 3400mAh which gives you a prolonged activity time. The value is entirely moderate to fit in your limited spending plan.

The light is effectively accused of just sunlight exposure which makes it eco-accommodating. At the point when charged to culmination, these lights can give a relentless brightening of 7 hours.

The set comes as a pack of two which is adequate for the greatest light. They include a PIR motion sensor which consequently gets actuated when motion is distinguished.


7. Leonlite 2-Head

Leonlite 2-Head

No matter how good a product is, there is always a scope for improvement in a specific field. And, just like any other industry, in the outdoor motion sensor lights, Leonlite has done just that.

With the 2 Head LED Security lights, they have shown us a whole new perspective to look at security lights. Moreover, these lights are highly affordable as they cost around $35. Additionally, this product is loaded with features, making it one of the best motion sensor flood lights.

Talking about the features of the product, It is durable, bright, and can easily detect motion up to 70 feet away. This two-headed security light gives you a chance to point the lights toward whatever path you pick, and the ultra-splendid LED bulbs will guarantee you can generally observe what’s happening on the terrace.

The light accompanies three activity modes. In addition, it has an IP65 waterproof rating which encourages it in withstanding unforgiving climate conditions. However, it accompanies a five-year guarantee on the off chance that you have any issues.


8. Zokki


Zokki has been in the outdoor light market for quite some time. The reason being several excellent products which are full of the latest features and are affordable. And, this product is no different as it can be bought online at a price tag of just above $30. Moreover, as it utilizes solar energy to power up the lights, it will save you a fortune on your electricity bill. Adding more to its value are excellent reviews on Amazon.

Coming to the major features of the product, this high caliber and easy to use designed solar light is made of high-effect ABS material. The exceptional rating of a waterproof and delightful blend of residue and warmth sealing limit has made these 28 LED solar lights become increasingly sturdy.

The charging speed depends on the light intensity. Hence, it is wise to make less use during winter. No link and wire are essential for establishment as it can be installed directly on a wall ? moreover, 28 LED lights aids in super brightness. Incorporation of PIR motion sensor and night sensor is given to make this work to a more extended range.


9. Hyperikon


If you are not a fan of solar lights and looking for an option which uses the traditional way, then this product is a great choice. Moreover, Hyperikon is known for providing the best motion sensing security lights.

However, it might cost you a bit more to buy their products. But that is compensated with the features of the product. In case you are looking to buy Hyperikon security lights, it will cost you somewhere around $60 for a pack of two.

Have a look at the features of this product, and you might as well like the product just like several other customers in the comment section of Amazon.

The Hyperikon LED outside light produces 1,800 lumens of light and is designed with a customizable 150-degree motion sensor to identify any movement inside 40 feet. It’s IP65 guaranteed to withstand extraordinary weather conditions between – 22 and up to 120-degrees Fahrenheit.

Hyperikon’s motion sensor open-air light likewise incorporates nightfall today break sensors to promptly sparkle a light on motion distinguished action around evening time. This outside light accompanies a 5-year guarantee.


10. Litom 120 LED

Litom 120 LED

LITOM is arguably one of the best manufacturers of LED solar lights. Previously, they have made security lights with 30 or 40 LED lights. However, they have introduced the LITOM 120 LED outdoor security lights as the name suggests it used 120 LEDs to illuminate the outside of your house.

Moreover, they have managed to keep the product in an affordable price range as it will cost you not more than around $50. On top of all the great features, the review section is filled with a ton of reviews on Amazon. Most of them have praised the quality of the product.

Now let’s have a look at some of the major features that speak clearly for this product as one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights.

The main highlight of this product is the 120 LED chips that aid the security lights in emitting a very bright light. Moreover, it can easily light up the garage, yard or the outside of your house in a 323 square feet area.

The PIR motion inductor can detect movements up to 33-36 feet at an angle of 270 degrees. On top of that, it has a battery life of more than 30,000 hours which is amazing. If you are planning to install these lights, the recommended height is 5.6-6.6 feet.

Lastly, the PET laminated solar panel?s efficiency is 20.5%. For comparison, the other solar lights at this price tag have an efficiency of around 16.5%.


11. Aukora


Since the introduction of LED lights, most people have stopped using light bulbs for motion security lights. However, there are some brands still producing excellent quality light bulbs in order to help you secure your houses. One such product is the Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulb.

This product by Aukora has excellent features and is affordable. As you can buy this product online for somewhere around $20, which is quite affordable. Moreover, if you are worried that light bulbs are in any way inferior to LED lights, then there are a number of reviews on Amazon saying the opposite.

With 12W output, it is a sturdy product which you can install to make extraordinary progress in your outside lighting. PIR motion sensors use infrared to detect motion after which the bulb will illuminate.

It is a design which will guarantee you the best surveillance close to your significant premises. The inbuilt sensor works from nightfall to first light subsequently guaranteeing you highest security. Vitality sparing design guarantees you have ensured the best brightening in your home.


12. Brightech LightPRO

Brightech LightPRO

If you are looking for a yard light which offers nothing but supreme lighting outside your house, then this is the product for you. Brightech has always been known as a top-notch manufacturer in this field. And, the Brightech LightPRO LED Yard Light is just like their other products.

However, this product is a bit expensive compared to other light bulbs. It will cost you somewhere around $60 online. But that price tag is justified with the features that come with the product. What else? You can find hundreds of positive and honest reviews on Amazon about the quality of this product.

This LED yard light flaunts 56 watts, which enables it to deliver amazingly bright light. This implies it will truly be helpful for giving security to your house. Furthermore, this lighting framework has worked in photocell, which empowers it to light up naturally at sunset and power off consequently at daybreak.

It is an advanced yard light that vows to light up your backyard season in season out. Regardless of whether you need to monitor your stable, stockpiling place or other open-air resources, this is the light to go for.


13. Vivii


Solar lights have practically taken over the market of security lights as every company is trying to manufacture the best motion lights using solar technology. And, Vivii has done just that with its products. This product can be purchased online from Amazon if you are ready to loosen up not more than $30 from your wallet.

Considering all the features that are bundled with the light, it is safe to say that this price tag is quite affordable. Additionally, if you take the reviews on Amazon into consideration this product just keeps getting better.

Starting things off with the automated motion finder and ultra-bright light, the light promptly initiates at whatever point something crosses its way. It can easily distinguish something inside 10-26 feet, it sparkles a bright light for 20 seconds and turns off when no further movement is detected.

Likewise, you get the opportunity to appreciate a problem-free establishment. Because it is prepared to work right of the container, this light is introduced in no time flat. Also, the light has an IP65 waterproof rating and durable development, making it perfect for outside use.


14. Sansi LED

Sansi LED

The next product is the Sansi LED security lights. If you want a product that has top-notch features and is not too expensive, then this is the product for you. Sansi has always been known to manufacture quality products and keep its customers happy. We can assure you we should expect no less from this product either.

If you are looking to buy a product within the $60 price bracket, then these LED security lights should be on your shortlist. Adding more to its value are excellent reviews about the product on Amazon. Have a look at the features of the product, and you will understand the price tag is entirely justified.

To begin, they have 3,400 Lumens (30W) of lighting power, which is a bounty for most applications. This high power is incredible for use at home and in business/modern spaces. You can without much of a stretch use it in your yard, workshop, thus considerably more.

You can pick to what extent you’d like the lights to be on for (1,5, or 10 minutes) after the sensor is triggered. You can likewise select to have them remain on constantly, by keeping it on manual mode.

The excessively bright lights additionally have a sunset-to-sunrise photocell which initiates at dusk and turns off during the day.

The 50,000-hour life expectancy is inconceivable, offering superior and cooling efficiency to function admirably over significant periods. SANSI additionally gives a 5-year guarantee and excellent client support that will make you have a sense of safety about utilizing their items.


15. Heath Zenith 5411-WH

Heath Zenith 5411-WH

Heath Zenith is a big name in the motion sensor security lights. Over the years they have manufactured some of the best outdoor led motion sensor lights at affordable costs for customers. And, the Zenith HZ 5411 is no different from their other products as it will come handy in securing your house at an affordable cost.

You can buy this product by spending somewhere around $20 online. Moreover, all the fantastic reviews about this product on Amazon just add more value to it.

It has an adjustable detection affectability that flaunts a detection run up to 70 ft. It additionally includes a photocell that keeps it off during the day, in this way, ensuring the battery life is preserved. Also, the motion sensor security light accompanies a 2-year constrained guarantee to ensure against deformities and poor quality.

The product’s construction which is made up of metal and plastic appears to be sufficiently extreme to withstand the brutality of the open-air condition. Having said that, anticipate that this light should last more. It has a selectable light clock that will give you a chance to pick from 1 Minute, 5 Minutes or 20 Minutes.


16. Sansi 36w

Sansi 36w

Earlier, we discussed the standard Sansi LED security lights. Recently, Sansi has launched an upgraded version of the product. This upgraded product will cost you somewhere around $60. Initially, the price might seem a bit expensive, but once you have a look at the features of the product, the price tag will be justified.

Moreover, just like the previous version of this product, this one is also loved by customers as it has a ton of reviews in its favour on Amazon.

This simple to introduce a light security component a profoundly delicate sensor that has an identifying scope of 10 feet and 120 degrees. This outdoor light is waterproof with a watertight seal for any stormy conditions.

It produces 3,400 lumens at 30W, implying this is light vitality effective and exceptionally bright. The SANSI Motion Sensor Light highlights three adjustable working modes: manual mode, test mode, and motion sensor mode.

The SANSI LED Security Outdoor Light is anything but difficult to install and accompanies immeasurably significant mounting apparatuses. It likewise accompanies a 5-years warranty and well-disposed client support from the producer.

The above mentioned features point at one thing that this product can be counted as of the best outdoor motion sensor lights.


17. Lepower 2500 LM

Lepower 2500 LM

Most of the companies are investing their assets on Solar Powered lights. However, LePower has upgraded its floodlights. And, the LePower 28W LED security light is easily one of the best outdoor motion sensor flood lights. Despite upgrading the LED lights, they have managed to keep the price tag of the product still affordable.

As you just have to spend about $30 to own these security lights by LePower. Additionally, once you have a look at the positive reviews about the product on Amazon by happy customers, it’s just one more reason to buy this product.

The major highlight about this product is that these lights won’t take a huge toll on your electricity bill. Moreover, it delivers a high brightness yield of up to 2500 lumens, and it brags extraordinary scattering heat.

Also, the light will spare your power bill by up to 80-percent. Its 180-degree wide detecting point consolidates well with the 49-foot detecting extent to give you the ideal outcomes. Still on execution, the motion sensor, focal point hood, and light heads are generally adjustable to various angles.


18. Lepower 3500 LM

Lepower 3500 LM

As we mentioned earlier, LePower has been investing its resources in manufacturing the best motion sensor flood lights. And, this product is a step in that direction. It is an upgraded model of the 2500 LM model. Meaning you will get more brightness by spending a little bit more.

In any case, that doesn’t make the product overpriced. You can buy the LePower 3500 LM LED security lights at no more than $40. Furthermore, the review section on Amazon is filled with praises about the product adding more value to it.

The LePower 3500LM LED Security Lights is easy to mount on a wall as it requires a very step in the process. Moreover, you can easily alter the lens hoods, light heads and motion sensor of these lights to points that suit you, as they turn on consequently when detecting motion up to a limit of 49 feet.

These floodlights are a perfect answer for hardware rooms, mechanical workstations, carports, workshops, extra spaces and considerably more. Be that as it may, you can likewise set the light to work ceaselessly on the off chance that you need it. Also, you can anticipate a life expectancy of 60,000 hours for these lights.


19. Sansi 18w

Sansi 18w

If you are looking for LED Security lights that can illuminate the outside of your house and do not spike your electricity bill, then this is the product for you. Sansi is a well-known brand and has always come up with innovative designs for their products. You can expect no less from this one too.

Moreover, you can buy a product online for somewhere around $40, which is fantastic. Most of the other products at this price tag don’t even come close to the features offered by Sansi. You can check out the reviews on Amazon about this product to have a look at the happy customers all around the world.

Coming to the features of this product, It has two light heads which give it a wide-angle coverage of the area that you want to secure. Four LED lights produce 1,800 lumens of light, which makes a bright white light.

At the point when mounted appropriately, this light will be the best impediment to intruders or thieves around your house. The motion locator naturally kills the lights on and, flooding the region with a bright light to frighten away interlopers.

It ought to be mounted in any event 8-feet off of the ground, which will give it a chance to cover a 861 square foot territory. The motion locator is exceptionally precise and has a scope of up to 50 feet. All the above-mentioned features clearly point to the fact that it is one of the best outdoor motion sensor flood lights in the market.


20. Heath Zenith 4150-BK

Heath Zenith 4150-BK

Where other brands are going fancy with their products, Heath Zenith has stuck to the traditional approach with their products. As they use the old school lamp design for their security light.

However, it doesn’t imply that Heath’s products aren’t top-notch. In fact, HZ-4150-BK is arguably one of the best security lamps available in the market. In addition, this product can be purchased online for around $40, which is quite affordable. On top of that, most of the reviews about this product on Amazon are positive, which means customers have loved this design.

Now let’s talk about some of the major features of this product. To start things off, the Heath motion sensor is an open-air light with a 150-degree motion sensor to identify any action inside 40 feet.

The light is designed to consequently sparkle the outdoor light on the motion detected zone for 1, 5 or 10 minutes. It likewise incorporates adjustable affectability to keep the light from sparkling at action, including passing vehicles or pets. This open-air light accompanies a 2-year warranty.


Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Security Lights

Till now, you have learned about the things to keep in mind while buying outdoor security lights. Moreover, now you know the best outdoor motion sensor security light. But a question might pop in your head, what are the mistakes that people make while buying them?

We have the answer to your question. That being said, here are some of the common mistakes you might make while buying outdoor security lights:

1. Buying Poor Quality Products

This is one of the most common mistakes made by customers in any field. Most people buy low-cost products that they regret later in terms of performance. So, make sure you don?t compensate for the security of your home just to save a few bucks.

To do so, always read the reviews or testimonials about the product online before moving to the next step. As there are a number of products that look good on paper but in reality are pretty bad.

2. Poor Brightness

There is no doubt that the most important task of any security light is to protect you from intruders or illuminate the outside of your house. But customers have often miscalculated their requirements and end up buying a light that is not up to the mark. So, make sure to read the review and features about the security lights to avoid this mistake in your case.

3. Misjudging Power Supply

Another common mistake that you might make while buying security lights is to not know the exact power requirement of a certain product. In this case, it doesn?t matter how fantastic the product is, if you are unable to provide the recommended power supply to the light, it won?t perform as well it should. A solution to this mistake can be to opt for battery-powered lights or solar lights.

There are always a few questions that are stuck in customers? minds even after they buy a product. To clear that confusion here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about motion security lights:

FAQs on Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

1. Can I Adjust The Sensitivity Of The Motion Sensor?

No, you can not adjust the sensitivity of motion sensors. As motion security lights come equipped with microprocessors that aid in adjusting the sensitivity according to the conditions outside.

2. Can I Mount The Lights On A Wall?

This depends upon the product that you have bought. However, nowadays most of the products support this feature. And, you can easily mount the lights on the wall if you want. There are a few simple steps involved in this process.

3. What Are The Different Types Of Lights?

Nowadays, most of the brands are manufacturing Solar powered lights. However, you can buy traditional floodlights if you want. They work either on battery or can be connected directly from your main electric circuit.

4. Will The Lights Automatically Switch Off During The Day Time?

Yes, the motion security lights come equipped with sensors to make it possible to automatically switch off during the day time. If you wish to override this function you can always shift from automated mode to manual mode without any issues. In fact, most of the lights come with three operational modes; automated mode, manual mode and test mode.


That wraps up our review of the best outdoor motion sensor lights. If you are planning to buy a new security light for your house, we hope you have a better knowledge of them. Make sure you buy the lights that fulfil all your needs and are in your budget too.

In the end, we would like to add that it is important to protect your loved ones, so, make sure you buy a product that will do just that. As spending a few extra bucks is nothing compared to the security of your home.

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