Ten landscape lighting tips set curb appeal apart rest

Let us take a look at 10 tips to improve your landscape lighting.

  1. Landscape lighting is much more than just putting a few lights along a path. The most important aspects are mood and atmosphere as this is the whole reason for planning landscape lighting in the first place.
  2. Planning is key. You must make sure that you take a good look at your outdoor space and plan on how the lights will be used in your space.
  3. Basics are more important than just looking into fancy gimmicks. These include looking at your patios, trees, driveways, etc.
  4. The light bulbs that you select will play a key role in your maintenance. What we recommend are LED light bulbs. These have an extremely long life and will make maintenance much more easy for the future.
  5. When deciding on which lighting to use we recommend going with a combination. Choosing a blend of variety such as accent lighting and overall lighting is the key.
  6. Putting your lighting in place even after planning should be done at night time. Day time will not give you the proper idea.
  7. Too much of anything is a bad idea and the same applies for lighting your outdoor spaces. Make sure that none of the lights shine directly in someone’s eyes.
  8. Once you have the lighting setup you should consider setting it to a timer. This will make your work much more easier.
  9. Avoid selecting lighting that overwhelms your space. Select unique lighting that accents your outdoor space rather than fill it with light.
  10. Determine which kind of lighting you want. This can be gentle, dramatic or a bold feel. Which you choose depends on the space and your personal preferences.

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